I Love RT So Muchieee

I met the biggest ever crisis in my career today and Im thankful that someone seems to be my angel to keep me safe from the chaos even when I've gave up.

Im feeling so blessed ever and I finally noticed that I've been living under his halo, his shelter ever since then. He's been my light house all the time, gave me directions, brought me up as such a meee and he just taught mee so much more than texk books do.

He's not only with the title as an "EX" but he's no doubt one of the most important person in my life that gives mee too much and spoilt mee and not even ask for any return, even though sometimes he gives me hard time. But in the end he'll still help me get thru the rain to the sunny day.

Seriously I didnt know that you sayang-ed me sooo muchiee. If happened that one day you ter-study this post. I just wanna tell you that I do really treasure you as a guardian angel of mine that made me so like a princess and keep me safe all the time yet keep me growth. Im soo like a princess with your existance nomatter what position you as for meee.

I love you so muchie as a friend. Wishing that you'll be getting what you want in your life, because you are deserving it.

Lastly, thanks for making me such a princess. Thanx for being with me in my process of learning. Thanks for everything that I didnt mention :)

Love ya, the sweetest one of my life.



Anonymous said...

u can be princess de lai la~congrat~

aileng miao said...

haha yea yea...

wantik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wantik said...

aileng..no need wait till him tervisit ur blog ..i tolong u forward to his emaio..kekeke

aileng miao said...

walao eh evilish wantik.. donwan la. thank him inside my heart will do :)

aileng miao said...

walao eh evilish wantik.. donwan la. thank him inside my heart will do :)

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