Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure

Finally Eric successfully cheated me out.

We went Cineleisure for dinner~ Angelic neko has fulfilled his wish before he leaves to UK----> to berdinner Tony Roma's which he has been fancy-ing since he was at US. *Imagining Tony Roma's bill in USD LOL.....*

The complimentary breaddie and it's lover dippie-chan. I dono why but I always lurveeee these kinda complimentary breaddie... Soft and fresh, yum yum~

After we placed our order, one of the server came up to us and explained every types of sauce serving for their steak, very very the comprehensive and impressive de neh...

And he drawn a smiley face with four different types of sauce - Red Hot, Original, Sweet Chilli, and Smokies (my fav!!)
* eeeeee correct me on names if im wrong yea... Cant memorized all cuz stomac was empty :p *

His choice. Boneless Rib bla bla bla with ma favourite smokies sauce, with two side items Baked Potato and Tomato Pesto.

Mine mine~~!!! Grilled Pan Pacific Cod Fish with Garlic Butter topping. Yummie yummie~~~ Lurvee Cod Fish all time~~ Side items are Coleslow and Mashed Potatoes.

Yummiieeee the portion is just toooooo big untill we cant take the strawberry berrie sauce NY Cheesecake anymore... hhhmmmmppp next time must grab more kaki to go together gether so we can order more more more for sharing *hehe*

Roma's steak is nice, nicer than alot others as it has well done nicely, not too harsh and well marinated~ Yummie yummieeee... But still, I lurveeeee cod fish more than anything else. So Cod Fish ranked no.1 of the night~~

Side item wise, baked potato is the best among all~ Then mashed potato, then coleslaw is just average, tomato pesto pulak.... I dont really like sun-dried tomatoes anyway..... And yea~ As usual drinks are bottomless~ *winkwink*

I am full to the max max max~ Yay good food made my day~~~ And killed my diet too... *sigh* Tomorrow must workout kaokao nia.....

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*~ I wanna buang all fat ~*


Anonymous said...

i tot u gonna eat 'chocolate avalanche' (maximum sin food) gehh.. heheheh..

p/s: u work out like tuzki one ar?? kawaii-nehhhhh~ like hitting cotton.. =)

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

lol...always say on diet...but i just see you keep on eating yea~

aileng miao said...

maddmadd~~ Im waiting for wantik to bersinful together gether with meee nia.... *hehehe*

weiwei me n tuzki did reali workout kaokao, not only to the xtent of hitting cotton de neh!!

penguin :: hmmppp donlah say this.. made me guilty... tmr must go bergym!! /spirit

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