Neko in Citibank Puchong

Location : Citibank Puchong
Duration : This Tuesday till next Monday
Time : 11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm
Event : Citibank Visacard Beijing Olympic Lucky Draw Roadshow

Tasks : Get Citibank Visacard holders to enroll the lucky draw contest.

Experience Gained : Super duper sienz to the max max upper ultra max level. And those idiots thinks im a blardy credit card agent but Im infact a santarina in real life or god of prosperity who might be bringing you good luck neh!!

Thank god I have my dear dearest partner Elaine the Laney to ber-rotten together gather with meeee ^^*

Elaine always wants to shoot me in my "boyfriend's jersey-like uniform"

Meet Elaine aka Laney. Apperantly she has a better looking uniform, atleast a better cutting baby tee.

Hmmmpppp.... We both hate working....... T.T

*Unhappie* . . . *Roar*


Another three more days to go~ We will survive~

Mode of the day:



wantik said...

how good if i'm laney....then citibank puchong gonna b our playground!

aileng miao said...

easie maa... tmr i go kidnap her, prison her in bigtree make her wantik. den u come over puchong~ hohohoho~

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