Ultra Neko - Shop Well Yet Work Well

Last Friday was at Westin Hotel for a socalled international function, supplied some chics to serve cocktails. Now I am pretty pretty very super duper sure that, I HATE ENTERTAINING.

I was there, brief and being brief, signed cheque for payment and smile smile abiit here and there, then already feel like BEH TAHAN and cant wait to get out from there. Yea all the socialties with big titles, not my world.

Guess what? I snake out and done some lil shopping @ Sg.Wang~ Hehe I dont freuqently go down to KL, so must treasure this golden opportunity to grab some "value for price stuff"~

From AILY, located right at the main entrance of Sg.Wang. They are having price reduction sales and its soooo the cheap lor, bought 2pairs of 5" high heels not even RM120~ Hohohoho~ Yea I dont have much preference to the design but the height of the heels ^^*

Earings and earings and belly stud. RM25+RM25+RM40. Im not too sure whether Im gonna put on the earings anot but it's really look soooo cutie I cant resist not to buy it neh....

Amazingly cheapo fake eyelashes, 10pairs RM18!!! Bought 3boxes for RM45 and sold wantik 5pairs of it. Kekekekekekeeee...

And then....... My clients were happie with my chics wohohohohooooo *vain* I am the super duper ultra mamasan of aneko~~~ 33

Saturday was Mickey Mouses Day @ Mid Valley. Finally we brought wonwon to kaikai and bought her super belated buffday pressie. She has chosen two pieces of OL attire from Isetan and all of us paid for it. Hehe thats what gonna happened when you had a group of friends who've been giving you buffday pressie for almost 10years. Ideas exhausted neh...

And hor and hor, I must highlight that..... ISETAN now really having lotsa lotsa nice and affordable clothes lor!!! Especially Future State *favorism*

And Ms.neko has got her belated buffday pressiee too. Thnx besties.... xoxo ^^*

WTH why are these people so the into this restaurant? My mummy cooked better than their chef does, and the pricing also sibeh cut throat. I promised myself Im not gonna visit it anymore....

And yay~ One of the task in my to-do-list is accomplished~ Cheque book is done~~ ^^v


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

i want the eyeslash ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

aileng miao said...

which one u like i sell u rm5/pair la~ fren fren price~

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