Its Melvin's Birthday~

Neko the dressy maniac is in action again~

Bought this dress from Future Stats @ Isetan The Garden RM119. My beloved chiffon *v*

Finally I've got myself a pair of white heels from elo @ Bangsar Telawi RM99. I dont really love it so muchie, but really ran outa shoes recently, die die have to buy lor.


Its Melvin's celebration @ Barcelona Sunway. Yeah Barcelona certified as the most Bs&Ls club of the year~~~~~ (Bengs & Lians) Totally qualified for this title with everything they have in the house:-
*They have the lamest DJ in town~
*They have the Beng-est & Lian-est crowd in town~
*They have the suckest music simply remixed and looped~

But one thing, this is really a damn spacious club. So with a huge group of our own people, we can just have fun ourselves at our very deep-inside couch area. But still.... Please bring me back to Bambo....... *winkwink*

Happie 25th Birthday to Melvin ^^* A very special Chinese Shrine like setting on the very very delicious RT Chocolate cake, specially designed for you dude~

Neko off the floor. Hell damn tired >"<


Anonymous said...

nice dress..phew wee~

aileng miao said...

ano ano *nod nod* I lurveee it~~~~
next time i wear my whitey u wear ur chiffon blk dress n ber-partay tgthr gthr ^^*
Looking forward yea~

Anonymous said...

my chiffon blk dress?? omg i cant believe that u stil rmb it..i ald "throw" it into 'lang gong'..
nonono..i'm gonna wear the red chicky dress~

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