I hate berfever on weekends... T.T

Surfing motiveless on net, doing nothing, just exactly like a patient~ Then then I came across these few advertisements. And I do really like it.... Enjoy~~

ps:: Still listening background music here? Pause it at my sidebar before you start watching lah!!

The INTRO~~ Meet Tuzki~ ~\^o^/~


The Arty Farty Tuzki


Tuzki in work (smart!!)


Tuzki bertoilet


Dedicate to dear mad mad and dearest wantik ^^*


Anonymous said...

i like the arty farty video!!
so 'keh-gao'.. lol..

wantik said...

i like tuzki bertoilet...so sotsot one...thanks miaoz...tuzki cheer me up during my damn boring monday~~

aileng miao said...

wats keh-gao means orh?

me lurvee the arty farty the most~yeng de neh... especiali the very /me aftr his performance *v*

de bertoilet reminds me about some1 ber/sotsot at scarlet. muahahahhahaaaa...

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