Its Cageon's Buffday!!

Happie buffday to my buddie Cageon~~

We had a very very simple buffday celebration @ Newway Subang, with a yummie Secret Recepie Chocolate Indulgance. Think Im the happiest one even happier than the buffday boy, cuz I love cakes. And I ate nice cake~!! Yummieeee~ Yet the poor buffday boy have nothing much as his surprise.... *paiseh paiseh*

Yummie Choc Indulgence~ Luckie its not Choc Banana *thank god* But but but... RT Bakery, I still lurve you the most *muackz*

And yea.... No time to shop for buffday present, and honestly no idea at all whatta get for you. Things that you needed, I really cant give you neh... Like "that thing" to company you being old folk, apaarently I cant provide for you, you MUST go out and hunt for yourself okie!!!

And I know you want this too.....

The coolest ever Adios~

Sadly, I cant give it to you for all the reasons below::::

1. I spoken to him, he said he will be sibeh upset if I were to give it to you...

See his sad face... Kesian him so reluctant to meee... Ona ona mummie wont leave you *cuddle*

2. He's so damn matched with my BOOK!!

He cant be any more cooler than posing beside the perfect matched wallpaper of my BOOK.

So cool you'll die for him *o*

3. There is someone else who is not gonna let him go too~~

Yea other than mee, Ciao Ciao wont willing to be seperated with Adios too!!!

See how hardcore their love confession neh....Till Death Do Us Part... Lol

That's why.... Not that I dont wanna full fill one of your mission impossible buffday wish, its fated that it cant be fulfilled... Forget about it bah...

And I've noticed that... Forgotten to take pic!!!! I was so upset so I've dig out our damn long time ago pic to post in my bloggieee ^^*

It was last year right....? We both used to be so young de neh.....


wantik said...

wahsehh.....ur adios sibeh yeng zai de neh......i bet after ur buddy saw this posting he wil even be more desperate for adios.....evilish aileng....yeee....

wantik said...

by the way...i must say i miss choc indulgence...slllurrpp ;P

Cageon said...

suan le ba after seeing ur post i also ng sei duc seperate adios from you and ciao ciao...i believe he'll be more happie by ur side than with me geh, so u continue take good care of him ba..see see this yr if any new members coming out then i'll get it to join them to make their family grows..hehe

regarding da 'that thingy'...thanks but no need you to choo sum la, i'll figure it out myself, u just stand there and open ur long eye see and wish me luck ba...tong sing says this yr im full of luck geh!!

p/s: we both no longer young edi meh this yr? =.="

aileng miao said...

*winkwink* hey tokidoki has new collection neh............ *winkwink*

lailai wantik, if u must make choice in btwn rt n choc indulgence, which one would u choose neh?

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