Pasta Zanmai @ 1Utama Old Wing

Wantik and I went to this newly opened Japanese casual Pasta Restaurant @ 1Utama Old Wing. Sounds really weird of the corssover of japanese food and pasta right...? I agreed with that but dono why I just feel like trying it on that day when I passedby. Maybe because they have a sales area of all sortsa Japanese junk food that I craved for it sooo muchie ^^*

Pasta Zanmai

Pasta with teriyaki sauce, pasta with sashimi, pasta with hot spring boiled egg, etc etc... Ofcourse also lotsa typical Jap food and set menu.

The main attraction for meeee ---- dessertoz~ Yummie yummie........ It was tough for me to make choice from it..... Slurp...

The cozy interior with warm lighting

The kitchen

We ordered Mushroom pasta with hotspring boiled egg

Soft shell crabbie

Bottomless O-Cha costs only RM3, damn worth it :)

Unforgettable green tea ice cream+red bean paste+vanilla ice cream+green tea jelly

Afterall, their food not too impressive yet not too bad, but their desserts are niceeeeeee... Think i'll be back for their Green Tea Tiramisu. Ofcourse to buy some junk food or ice cream for their sales shop to dine inside their restaurant *hehe*


wantik said...

it's our food hunting session again~~ yummy yummy desssert that i miss it so muchie~~~

aileng miao said...

i miss the sales market there more... i wanna buy all their ice cream n puffie....

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