Hokkien Starwars

Starwars Hokkien Version recorded from a Singapore radio station. It was first introduced to me by teongeng and now I've seen it again. Ngahahaha enjoy~

Incase anybody do not understand Hokkien, here's the translated script:

Luke : Ahhhh~~ Wa eh chiu ah!! (My hand!!)
Dark : Luke, teh wa he o o yi beng (Luke, follow me to the dark side) *one of the funiest line for meee*
Luke : Le tang ku ku ah!! (You wait lah!!)
Dark : Luke, Wa si lin lao peh (Luke, Im your father)
Luke : Boh ho lien, wa lao peh si liao! (Cannot be, my father died!)
Dark : ^%&%$$^*& *I cant understand...* Le tiu eh zai yia (You'll know)
Luke : Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~

Correct me if Im wrong.. Cause I cant speak Hokkien, all these were translated by teongeng long long time ago :p


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