Souvenior from Chiang Mai

Yay~ Bro and sis have back from Chiang Mai neh~~

Sis brought back some funnie hats. Quite cutie as its so the color colorful, I like I like~~~ ^^* Thailand really really has hell lotsa kawaii stuffs de neh~

The witchy hat.

This is a skirt-like Aladdin pants, nice de neh~

I like this hat *v*

neko the very mysterious witch.

neko in Jamaica-like hat with fluffy joker nose.

neko the Jamaica rapper, ft bling bling aikee's fingers.

Guess what's this....?

Scroll further down for answer.

Is a hat of colorful witch sucked neko's face!!

The Hatty-Duo.

Come back to kampung for mummy's birthday celebration. Happie birthday maomao~ * xoxo *

Nothing to do, tried self portrait from mirror as I saw lotsa girl did it successfully. Not easie de neh.........


Anonymous said...

seductive mirrorster pic..

aileng miao said...

i thought ppl shud hv praise my skill. eh i tried so many time only many to capture such gd angle de neh~

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