I hate Paperworks

I . HATE . Paperworks . Especially . CALCULATIONS .

!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!

I've been stuck with stupid paperworks since late noon yesterday till now. Hmmmpppp..... Feeling dizzy looking checking reading arranging counting etc etc.

Why it took me such long?

Lets see....

I worked, then chat.
Then work, then sienz, daydreamt.
Then back to work.

Then shower. Then work, then went out and yumcha with Hing, talked cock.
Then back to work.

Then chat, then again dragged out for another yumcha session with Ching and YY and Sia, talked cock and..... eat!! OMG~

Then back to work, then chat. And work.

Time flies then sun rises.

Hmmmppp I miss my pillow so the muchieee....

Im all plain, with no direction. My life seems just slumber and there goes a day and thats another day :slumber:

Whatever comes that cannot handle, just dont handle and just follow the flow of life :slumber:

I slumber and sleep, then wakeup for a brand new day. Then slumber again and sleep. DO IT FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. Guess whats gonna happen on the 6th day?

Ta daaaa~

Its weekend~~!!! Yeah Yeah yeah yeah~~~ \^o^/

Then.... Hi reports Im back with you. Bye bye bloggie.....


wantik said...

pheweet..i like the way u slumber /slumber tuzki~ how i wish i can have that slumber lifestyle~~

aileng miao said...

easie nia... just doncare doncare /slumber... den day comes n goes, den weekends!! muahahahahaha~~

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