Kiki's Delivery Service

He used to say that, when I raise my head and lookup a lil bit, I look like a black miao in one of Ghibli's anime ---> Kiki's Delivery Service (Majo no Takkyūbin).

Especially there's a scene when this particular miao tilted up its head, lookup to the sky and say how much it misses it's far faraway homeland..... "遥望,遥望遥远的家乡...." Thats the line of it, with it's very very miaoish tone :)

Introducing Jiji (pronounced as Gi-Gi), owned and love by the young witch Kiki.

" Jiji is Kiki's cute and quirky talking cat. He is completely in black expect for his big white eyes. Jiji is a very interesting character and it is hard to give him a specific personality. He cares for Kiki a great deal as shown when he even pretended to be a doll under the abuse of a very very bad child just so that he could help Kiki (You need to see the movie to understand the situation better ^_^;; ) Later in the movie however, he stopped talking to Kiki because she grew up and therefore her special childhood connection to her cat changed. Jiji got married to the sophisicated cat next door and the pair started their own cat family. ^_^ "

(Quoted from HERE)

Jiji in fluffy version.

Jiji and nekobasu.

Now we flip the pic horizontal........

Look alike mea.......?

*** *** ***

Now wanna share about this anime which I like very very muchieee... And I like almost every anime by Ghibli Studio :)

The movie poster of Kiki's Delivery Service

Here goes some screen shots of the anime:-

Kiki and Jiji

Jiji and his lover (Yes dont be surpirse, Jiji is a HE)

And ofcourse some music of the anime..... The very typical Ghibli style, classical big time orchestra.

One of the Movie Theme song

*Link to the full song list*


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