I slept till 2pm and woke up in kaokao bodyache and heartache. Hardly breath, I think I slept with terrible gesture last night laid on my bed with my fingers on my laptop. And when I wakeup my laptop has bcame my pillow *poor laptop*

Mummie dint wake me up this morning, Im suppose help her up to jaga shop as bro and sis are away to Chiang Mai for a week time. I think she has seen my extreme sensetive emotional acts middle of last night. *Sorry mummie to make you worried, Im gonna walk out from the shadow, its just the matter of time...*

Moodless in work. Sh*t Im gonna get outa this asap...

Received a hearty msg from RT telling me to stay out from the rain. Thank you soo muchieee....

"Getting know the truth is like trying to fix a broken mirror, the more I try to fix it, the more I hurt myself."


Anonymous said...

here the emo blog again..
it's so grey, just like the weather nowadays..

if the broken glasses do hurt, then just pick it up and throw away..
i wont pity u but i'll pray at the hardest for u..

neko's spirit~

aileng miao said...

emo awhile onii. getting wel soon :)

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