Opps I did it again

Opppsss I did it again.......

15min of waiting can make me spend... But still very happie~ 2pieces of dress not even RM110 wo~~ ^^* Im neko the dressy-maniac~

I spotted this super kawaii mascott at Cathay Cineleisure after Water Horse with Rasherl and Richard. Kawaiiiiiiii nehh....

And I witnessed the best ever set of card for Chor Tai Dee.....

And Ah Sia belanja-ed Dragon-i @ Pavillion :)

Vegie, Salted Egg Yolk Prawn. Nice prawn nice prawn~

Dono what grilled fish and the Sweet Corn Soup. Nice fish nice fish~

Xiao Long Bao is a must item for Dragon-i desu!!

Poor Sia, mou la la kena slaughtered RM130+ by us. Thanks Sia~~ ^^*


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