Saturday Night @ Bangsar Telawi

Poor miao was hanging over for whole day, feeling sux and losing appetite. Finally felt better after I vomitted at late noon.

Yeah Yeah so its the time to have some nice food!! Me and wantik went for Banana Leaf @ Bangsar Telawi. Yea its damn fattening, but nvm la, tomorrow go gym ^^*

We had Mutton Masala, Chicken Curry, and fried egg. Yummie yummie~~ Why all nicest food are always the most sinful food...?

I was still phobia-ing to beer. So after mummum we went for La Bodega Lounge. We remembered that other than nice tapas, La Bodega Lounge also having great cocktails!!

After a year never come, their bartender still doing great job! Left for Lounger -- Chcocolate milk+Kahlua; Right for Sex to Remember -- Lychee Martini+Vanilla Ice cream+Choc syrup. Yet sibeh cheap, total bill was RM50+ only neh *v*

And they have lotsa all-time-fav games available in the house~ We played Connect Four, then Scrabble with our noobie dummie level vocabs.

Im in love with fake eyelashes recently... I cant afford atas lashes from Shu Uemura, soo I've been buying lashes from Sasa, and infact they are having lotsa good choice with affordable price~

This brand is good, very very natural. RM12.90/pair only and I bought two different pairs of it. The other pair? Hahaha I've already used it till it has exhausted muahahaha.

Satur night, was sooo reluctant to sleep. So camwhore abit before bershower~~

Funnie faces @ Ms. miao


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