Counting Down for Bali

Two more days counting down to Bali.

Even though I have never been to Bali, so as my another kaki. But we have yet to get the travel plan drafted out. We gonna make it a spontaneous getaway trip~

We are going to stay in Mercure Kuta Bali Hotel, click HERE to see how nice it is.

October is an aimless month for me. I have practically lepak-ed my time off doing nothing much ever since I crawled out from MPE green house. A new kick start after Bali trip? Yes I do hope so :)

October music which repeatedly plays in my head...


Being Very Very The Sweet Tooth

Alvin Lee!! This is all your fault!!

You shouldnt make me crawl out from my house!!

My white dress obsession still on. I am an absolute pontianak.

My victories... MAC Crayon Eyeliner, my ever loved Shu Uemura Make Up Remover (RM109). WH having sales and a sequins skirt now selling only RM39 nehhh.. Also a transparent PVC phone pouch (RM9.90) and two whitey dresses (RM59 each damn cheap ngehehehe).

Isetan Lot 10 is always my favourite Isetan for cosmetic shopping. It has most brands under the same roof. And yea, easy mah :)

I was there wanted to check out some household stuff and unfortunately, I spotted this Japanese Food Fair, which truly a disaster to my wallet.

My victories. Some are given out else it should have be more :p

I hearted Japanese junk food alot alot alot...

This is Sakuri, a Japanese rice crackers with milk+nuts. I think I would prefer the normal rice cracker with milk as it tastes more milky and it's sweeter~

Individual pack is good. Can have it one by one :yumz:

This is Panky by my favourite Meiji. Chocolate with cracker filling. I like it's little detailed cutieness.

So today noon, I opened Panky, wanted to check out how it's like.... Open the lid and I'v seen a small smiley face there. Cute!

Then I opened the plastic...... The choc melted wtf!!! :sobz: So... I closed it back, put it into fridge, hoping that it'll back in shape... :sobz:

Moral of the story: Panky can only stays in fridge, not in room temperature...

Omg Im like accidentally opened a leaking pipe and... I cant stop talking about junk food lor.

You see you see, this is Forrero Rondnior.

Dark Forrero neh. Souvenir of Thung Pui from Germany :)

It's still looks Forrero, but darker, bitterer. Anybody seen it please get some for mee yea~~~

This is the very very commonly seen Nutri Cookies. My impulsive purchase from 711 while having my late night sweet tooth.

Not too bad just to fulfill my craves.

Pink Claws miaoz

It's been quite some time since my last post about manicure HERE. This week I've got myself a shimmery pink with hearty diamonte. I like it simple :)

I was initially wanted a creamy milky pink but sadly my skin tone abiit too dull for solid colors. Therefore Agnes has added a layer of shimmer for me. And yeap it does lightened up the color tone.

Heart-shaped stones, sibeh princessy :p

Weeee~ I paid so muchie for my manicure, of course have to camwhore with it nia~

*Roar* Im the fierce-est miaoz with pink claws.

Tried to look sweet nia.... Doesnt seems so success... So...

Try again!! Ermmmm.... Okie I look washed out here.

Oh ya... Bear bear says Hi to everybody :)

miao~ miao miaomiao miao miaooo~ (Hihi, long time never make my appearance here)

My bear bear has grown up abiit *proud* Hmmm and he has put on abiit weight on his tail and becoming a FAT TAIL CAT muahahahaha~

Doggie King's ring tone reminds me my first live concert experience of life. Awwwwwwwww that was abit tooo silly, but yeapz, one of the best memory of life :) *wantik and wonwon knows what sorta terror things we've done back then hor?*

by 品冠

这样的称呼 只有你知我知
可以尽情感觉 不必费心解释

这样的拥抱 能让风雨停止
可以放心放肆 不必多作掩饰



"If being a princess isnt a good idea, then just lemme be a child forever"

Sekeping Serendah

I have been hiding and escaping since then. This time I'd even ran into jungle.

We had a very private retreat attempt in Sekeping Serendah, probably more famously known as the Serendah Glass House. Details click HERE.

Im too lazy to write. Let the photos tell stories :)

I reached at the evening due to work...

They already started to barbecue.

The barbecued fooooodz :yumz:

The BBQ people...

The successful chefs.

The drinking people.

A tour in Glass House

The hall.

And the hall too.

The all-messed-up kitchen.

Slanting stairs lead up to the bedhall.

Birthday Monkeys for Doggie King and Biscuits Can :)

Doggie King called for a midnight haunted swimming session. Surprisingly we ALL followed wth.

Ended up everybody exhausted.

Sleepy head.

KO-ed organizer who still owing 14 glasses up till NOW.

Some people still manage to clean up.

Love birds.


We rented two houses. I dono why I ended up overnight at the messy ones wth.

Anywayz I slept well :)

O hai yo~

Bedroomhall group pictures.

The organizer, fully recharged. I still remember the 14 glasses :)

Biscuit Can and his bluey pillow.

wonwon, Doggie King, Biscuits Can.

They are so in love wth.

Undoubtedly in love wtfffff.

So we wanna to be in love too.

Whoring at the second floor



Even more emo.

Random Shots

Welcome to the Glass House.

The adventures begin here~~~!!

Leng Leng and Cindy and huawersss.

The bridge, the only connection of us to the outside world.

Way Back

Bye bye to the glass house.


The green beside the entrance :refreshing:

Biscuit Can and wonwon.

The Ah Longs.

Bye Serendah~~~~
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