The aftermath of party still haunting me and stricken me with feelings of very very emo - it feels like something twisting in my stomac.

I'll grow to become a better person.
I need a powerful change. To get rid of being such a Do-I-need-you-tell-me-whatta-do-?-person. To learn to listen more, probably to obey abiit. To be abit more disciplined. To learn not always take things as granted. To be abit more content. To be abit more caution not too blur.

To wakeup the other day and be loved and esteemed by ownself, and people who I loved.

Till then, I shall not demand.

*** *** ***

Raya eve - yea I partied almost every recent EVEs. omgwtf Im freaking tanned like a Malay chick. Okie anywayz Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Parties turned me on, overdosed alcohol shut me off.

*** *** ***

♥ Enlightened ♥

It's Hari Raya, we went out for Movie Painted Skin. I hoped to busy myself in order to delete some unwanted memories. :snap snap:

Ah Boy - wonwon's bro, wonwon and JF :heart:

@ Delicious 1U. I enjoy wasting time motiveless.

Okie Im the only one who love to waste time I know I know...

JF was bored.

Won won was even more bored.

So let's camwhore :)

I was amused taking pictures for this funny bro&sis.

JF is back~ Must take picture with him~

Wonwon also wanna take picture with JF. Made him star of the day~ Shining Stars 2

This is miaoz the clown, this is wonwon the calculator @ Simply-yeewen.

Together gather.

Milky wonwon + Mocha miaoz :cry for my skintone - consequences of MPE:

If you hurt me, I'll bite.

Depression is just a temporary madness, I'll gain wisdom after every fall. I will.

Aww even my maid mentioned that my hair is toooo long, like a pontianak. But I think I kinda love the way it is. In my dream, the princess met the prince, the prince said that princess shall have long long hair... :)


Anonymous said...

wat's the unwanted memories tat u want to delete?
feeling depress? y geh? lailai, share to me~
Action: (me)go n talk a lil bench, staring at u,feeling sympathy, N, ears up to listen ^^
waiting.. still waiting..

aileng miao said...

hmm im waiting for ur return :)

Steve said...

yan wong!!!!!!!!!
ur phone camera dam nice ooo~
so clear neh~

Anonymous said...

yan wong!! ah boy, ur expression so unique, yeng~

Anonymous said...

yan wong!!! u dunno meh? the camera of aileng's phone is 5 mega pixel one..

Steve said...

yan wong!!!!!!
geng lar~~~mine onli 1.3~
sad!poor~~~ T.T

aileng miao said...

hohohoho /spirit

proud for my sibeh powderful n95~~~

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