Raya Genting Trip

I noticed how important that people needs to talk. My emotion went uber downhill today to the extent that my heart fell almost as flat to the ground, its crawling on the ground seeking for it's lost confidence.

I know, I need to be positive. Always think to the bright side, hor? But sometimes people just need to have some lil emo moment...

My holiday was awesome. I love my friends as much as I love holidays :)

Hari Raya meant for REUNION, therefore we went for a one-day family trip at Genting. It was pouring rain that trapped us indoor. Therefore we have to spend extra for some nonsense to kill time. Thank god the weather didnt kill our mood. Phew!

♥ Camwhore ♥

Bak Kut Teh & etc @ Genting

The Haunted House @ First World Plaza. RM25 they provide you a room of imagination to terrify your ownself.

♥ Be-A-Star ♥

Our best solution to kill time....

Karaoke... Eat and sing and drink and... wait for the rain to stop.

Won won in action.

Sam in the mood of love songs.

JF in escape.

Miaoz and wonwon camwhore with the very expensive 3D glasses from Haunted House.


Happy people gone crazy... ... ...

♥ Duetz ♥

*Images above are only for drama purposes, do not portray the actual lifestyle of personnel in case you have got your bazooka ready on your hands to shoot.

Finally rain stopped and I saw rainbow!!! But didnt manage to shooooot T___T

♥ Outdoor Theme Park Time ♥

My favourite Flying Chair ^^*

Meet wonwon and JF.

I believe I can fly~

Super Toboggan.

This is miaoz =(^w^)=

They love Flying Elephants.

They love their self portrait picz.

We wanna take picz too~

People wears parakawa balaclava (a white color cotton face cover) on track. Genting Fun Kart required us to wear shower cap to go on track. That's pretty impressive!

♥ Merry Go Round ♥

Guys' attempt to strike a lame pose.

Girls's attempt to strike a sweeet pose.

Conclusion : Both Failed =.=

Bye Genting~~ Photobucket

Meet my sweetest sin...


yeeWen said...

wt..my image was totally destroyed with your blog..especially i believe i can fly and wonwon sing k in action 1..can it be removed?

aileng miao said...

realli wanna remove mea..? nvm laa, we al ugly ugly tgthr gthr maaa...

in consider of ur image, i did put in a remark says its for drama purposes oni nia... summore i posted more ugly picz of my self than urs ma :)

no worries, u r still a siap foh nia......

Anonymous said...

wa.. so many ke leh pics..

aileng: wont u worry no one want u aft seeing ur ke le pics?

aileng miao said...

amber: lol don make me scare! But but.. If he's my true prince will definitely accept watever person i m dee~

Reali tat ke le mea anyway?

Anonymous said...

erm..kind ke le lerr..
though it might be posed for dramatical purpose onli, but it might reflect ur true personality some how.. frm the way u posed..
feel like hug u n say "hey, dude/ hey, buddy"

urs is frog prince, not dreamy white horse prince.. wuakaka..

(dont cry dont cry..)still a prince wat..

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