How many 11 years can it be in our life?

Today is 16th October 2008 and yes, is Amber's birthday :)

Yo Amber Yap Yin Chee, you are old and you are officially 24th!! You have just stepped into another stage of life *ahem* Happie happie birthday to you, congrat and best wishes for your brand new life.

And yea, our Dearest Jimui-ship is aged 11th this year, since 1997.

Im not trying to be lansi, but try look around and browse thru your phonebook. How many friends you can have for the past 11years and till now, yet still being so close to you and your heart. Im glad for this good 11 years with your existence.

Your birthday @ Cristro's Hartamas, year 2004.

I am 100000% unwilling to dig out this crappy looking picture lor. But as you said, we shall be grateful that we're each grown to be a better person.

Your Birthday @ Luna Bar, 2005.

A gentle reminder for you, wantik attended too. Pictures taken in the washroom :p

Oh 2004-2005 was remarkable years for you.

You enrolled college and started new life.

You met lotsa nice people, had lotsa fun and freedom.

Place where you met freedom and happiness.

Year 2006, we missed out your birthday celebration. But we didnt miss out any chance to gather.

Our first jimui-only trip of life.

A special appearance of your life.

You found the place where you belong to.

Year 2007, a good one year that full of madness, like no tomorrow.

Our family New Year Dinner.

Mee Yee's 23rd birthday @ 7ate9.

Your 23rd Birthday @ Sanctuary, Year 2007.

Jimuiz for life. No matter where you are :)

Last but not least....... Happy Birthday!! We are looking forward your return for the biggest ever belated celebration :)

Ooooooooooopsssssss, almost forgotten. That I've got you pressie. Take it and love it ya. I mean, YOU MUST LOVE IT cuz I prepared it with full heart de neh ^^*

No.1 ...

No.2 ...

No.3 ...

Sooo I assumed that these are enough for you attend a paaaartaaay :) Birthday cakes? Errmmm... Not until you are back in KL!


Anonymous said...

sigh, i'm crying ald..

when i 1st look at wonwon's blog, i almost cry..tear was rolling in my eyes..
but when i check out ur blog aft wonwon's..i cant help myself of it..
tissue pls~

ye, 11 yrs.. we r old (yet getting siap-er n siap-er)..hehe..

thx for sacrificing urself by showing the pics tat might spoiled ur long built image, jus to show the growing up journey of our Jimui-ship..
so wei da~ ni shi zhui hao de, ni zi dao ma?

thx for the pressie(a visual one,i wan a real one =P), it has all the stuffs tat i nit.. n the special dedication of tis blog to me..heart it~

yr 2007 was one good year tat full of madness n stories..which i've lost tat forever while u stil can..
OR, may be..a lil madness when i'm bek~ ngekngekngek =)

our Jimui-ship wil continue, no matter where we are..*hug*
miss yall a lot..

P/S: u jus giv the right tag for each photo..talented author~

yeeWen said...

yr 2007 is really a memorable yr for us..where yr 2008..seems not a gd yr for us..trace back our past memory..really reluctant for those times..and yet reluctant to grow up..

how nice if we are still in 4A3..listening to CC Wong...'here is RM100 for those who answer my question correctly!'i gonna miss
4A3 that year forever,form 4 is a true madness yr for us..

I sincerely hope that each of us able to find our Mr Right in the future..all of us able to live with happiness..i believe our jimui bond will get stronger and strong..yes..can only be stronger..no doubt..mimui men..thanks for being with me for all these yrs..lup u all~and again..happy birthday to Amber~

Anonymous said...

So touching nya...

Anonymous said...

hey.....u gotta checkout http://www.youtube.com/user/sugoishow

Me think look abit like u neh...

aileng miao said...

jimuizzz:: ermm... nvr expect such a feedbacks from u girls while wirting it with a simple mood of to "simply do sumting for amber's buffday" :p hmmm... hmmmppp looking at comments from u gals.. ppl feellike "lannn touched" oso la LOL

aileng miao said...

gepoh... walaoeh... lookat the link... i got such kawaiii anot orh..?

n im not such weird!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh.. i've almost forgotten abt CC Wong.. he used to rasuah the students in order to get the response frm us..

i like to attend his class..so gao xiao..

Anonymous said...

At first glance, look like you lor.... Huh, she is weird weird one ah??

aileng miao said...

gepoh:: yeapz she dance so weird =.= but quite the siap la. okiee la i take it as compliment la *nge nge lai*

amber:: CC my all time fav. he helped me so much... :)

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