Its Amber's Birthday :)

Its one of my dearest jimui amber's birthday just around the corner~~!! :)

16th Oct is her birthday, sadly Wednesday everybody has to work. Therefore we celebrated in advanced at 13th Oct. I went to Robinsons The Garden to grab amber's as well as wantik's belated birthday present. Spent 3 hours checking out BENEFIT's products. Omg it has become my recent most wanted item in my wish lists~

I was initially think that its "just anthr Hollywood Start Brand", but their products are awesome~!! Besides their very very nice and Hollywood star-like packaging, it has lotsa very rare to be seen products from other counters too. Eg: Benetint the liquid blusher (super natural sun-kissed effect, love it~), HighBeam the pinkish highlighter (sweetie cheekie ^^), series of face powder (for better complexion and even skin tone, highlight effects), not to mention the powder to cream eyeliner cum eyeshadow... etcetc.. I was reali reali in dillema choosing present, and merely broke my budget ><

I am truly shopaholic, I jz choose choose choose like nobody's biz, without notice tat I might not having enuf cash. Shamefully, I chosen RM3xx products and told the product advisor...
"Let me check whthr I hv enough cash..."
"No worries, we accept cards :)"
"but i don have card...."
"What?! how old are u and its so easie to apply credit cards nowadays!"
okieee.. I noe its shameful that an OL don hv credit cards, but luckie I did bring enuf cash ::hehe::

Then I picked up Amber, we were late for the dinner session, for almost one hr... Sorry dear all, I cant stop myself spending tat much of time looking at things i like....

Wonwon kills my surpriz, she bocor where v planned to hv surpriz dinner with amber~!! ::angry:: Tat was such a great great dissapointment, Bakerzin closed for Hari Raya, we forced to dinner at Itallianese. My dear plan of cutie cake tapas spoilt ::sobsob:: Luckily it was satisfied, but v forgotten to take picz with dear Meeyee and her beloved ang ang....

Our night session was at the sizzling hot club in PJ, Sanctuary ::hyper:: Maybe it was a long wkend, it wasnt tat pack tat nite. Lotsa weirdo too :p We were the weirdo gang too. 4 gals and a btl of Black Label (yeng man~) Played games, punished to drink, got tipsy... It was fun but wasted tat wantik and wonwon has to go bek earlie. Some special apperance filled up the nite :)

There goes a nite of celebration~ Happy 23rd Birthday to Amber~~~ ::xoxo::


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Ai Leng,

You are one of the fallen angel from the heaven..you are filled with lots of sweetness, kind and with shinny smile that can brighten up everyone's day...

My dearest Ai Leng, my other hotties zi mui>> Vindy, dum VonVon, and Mei Yee..thx for such a great bday celebration..i like the present very very much...muacks x2..

And for those who had make an addition to my bday..thx for the greets and a small lil surprise that out of my expectation..
glad to know you all..

My 23 Birthday Celebration, it was fun..& memorable..i'll always remember it..

wantik said...

yoh yoh...its fun to play games in club...not really weirdo ma..i contributed my playing cards...the card sacrificed....so...pay respect to gamers in club~~

Unknown said...

I really like the song ur put on the blog,the song really match 4 ur and ur friend^_^!!I wish i aslo have a brithday celebration like ur friend too 6_6 .anyway happy bday to ur friend(little bit late hope dont mind)>@

aileng miao said...

amber :: eeeee so sweeet ^^ ** muaxxx **

wantik :: so sorry abt ur cards, their dead body stil inside my car, u wanna retrieve it? ::kekekeke::

meing :: yeahyeah i'l send ur regards to amber~

Anonymous said...


Hi there, nice to know you...
I got ur greet. Of course i don't mind in fact i appreciated it..thxs for the wishes..

You sound you have yet to have ur bday. Hope i get it correctly..
So, at here i wish you Happy Birthday In Advanced & dreams come true..you sure will have a great bday celebration ya...
Bcox you have got my wishes with you starting in the next seconds..

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