Holiday mood

Sooooo holiday mood~~~ Im happily announce that aileng miao will be on holiday from tml onwards and only will be back on duty next Wed~!! Sadly, its only applicable to my full time job ::sobsob:: :"(

I've been wuliao-ing since morning till now, doing nth at all, waiting for my dear 6pm... I cant wait to go back to my dear "kampung". Have to pack for so many days, Im sure i'll left my room big big big mess aftr my pack-up session.

Yeah yeah I had my schedule below for my long long weekend:~

Fri:: work --> pack --> visit my angels --> my own work --> back to my dear kampung~!!
Satur:: claim my angels' pay --> prepare --> gal's nite out!!
Sun:: ZZzzz --> eat --> ZZzzz --> slumber --> BBQ~ slurp! I wanna eat corn, saussages, chic wings..... yummy yummy...
Mon:: slumberzzzzzz --> appointment --> my own work
Tue:: Finally thers such a day which is unofficial public holiday but Im not working~ I wanna go open acc, enterprise registrations ::wink wink:: ---> still gotto do my own work at nite ::sigh::
Wed:: so grey... its another working day.........

1 more hour to go....

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