I had some terrible time yesterday at my working place. I cant breath and almost black out. Dono wats wrong with myself n it was just happened outa sudden. I was trying so hard to adjust my evry single inhale exhale to get my breathing back as normal, but it doesnt really work but getting worse. Nearly fainted in the toilet but luckily din, the floor wasnt that clean :p
Errr... Shame of it I made my dear working fellows all messed up. It happened twice in a nite. Even when I left, I still feeling dizzy, cannot talk smoothly. Damn damn luckie I manage to reach home safely. God blessed me :)

1 1/2hour more my 2 angels starting work, bosses will be around. Im sooooo worry if bad things gonna happen again. Plz plz plz.... evrything go smooth plzz... Lord plz bless my angels, give them the best best best luck atleast for to9.

Pray to the god, send me a guardian angel plz.


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