Big Girl Dont Cry

I aint acting tough, it was experiences made me such a me, its commitments not allow me to fall.

Things happened are happened. There will be no turn back.

If tears help, I'll have tons of tears to get me outa the troubles.
If someone could put on my masks for my roles, I'll just collapse irregards every responsibilites.
If solutions will be given instead of symphathy, I'll just let myself go, and be like a lost child.
If someone can walk my miles on behalf of me, I'll just stop, letting you to takeover.

Big girls do cry. Just not as loud.

Standing high, not because of egoism. But to keep myself at my own place and not to fall.


Cageon said...

過去的就讓他過去吧, 要勇敢的面對現實才能放得下以前的心結, 可惜啊我做不到...你是一個有理想有抱負的女生, 甚至比很多男生都還優秀! 不多說了, 千言萬語抵不上一句真摯的祝福跟鼓勵. 溫愛玲, 加油! 加油! 加油! :)

aileng miao said...

i aint ambitious la... evrything im doin now r being forced, cuz commitments.
u noe wat im always looking forward rite...?

Cageon said...

會有那麼的一天你可以解決你所有的負擔的! 雖然努力在感情方面未必會有成果, 但是在工作上面, 努力跟收穫一定成正比的 :) 親愛的, 時候未到罷了..到時候你一定可以開開心心毫無牽掛的去過你想要的生活, 自由自在沒人可以逼迫你給你壓力! 大家一起加油吧!

p/s: 等我回來請你吃飯吧, 好久沒見到你了...雖然我連我什麼時候可以回來都還不確定 =.=" 不過, 會有那麼的一天的 XDDD

Anonymous said...

looking forward then pause a while..
c carefull tat is it u got miss something ya~
gambateh o~~
allen here..
u big girl lai de..
not big zhu..ok?

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