Sweet Talks

Seems like soooo long never update my blog. Been so tired these days, overloaded with works and jobs. Looking forward my next month to have more free time.

Busy also have to update abiit in my blog!

I still wanna write about Genting, but not now.

I learnt some lame sweet talk from different persons....

A gentleman looking guy::
"Let me get u some ice for your drink"
"Can I have ur eyes too?"
::: =.= stoned :::

A lame guy friend::
"What happened u bang your car?!!"
"Cuz i was keep thinking of u while driving"

::: simply put the blame on me.... sobsob :::


Unknown said...

"can ihave ur eyes too?"i like this one !!but no good enough.if like this will be better"can i have ur ai(love) too"haha q(^^)p

aileng miao said...

haha i prefer eyes, because i love eyes contact ::keke::

Anonymous said...

c ..c..u simpyl got the cares from the lame guys around u..bt u abandon them..hehe..so is not u don hv..is tat u don wan..u r very mao dun..u hope to be soft bt yet u r trying to be tough..try to overcome ur mao dun 1st la..

aileng miao said...

wonwon... those are jokes oni laa... hehe

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