Umbrella-wanna-be meee

Im walking outa the rain and had been aggressive today.
Although the results still doesnt seems satisfied...

Can you see how much efforts I've spent? Im sorry because Im still new. Im appreciate that I'd given opportunities to make mistakes. My apology that my mistakes caused ur inconvenience...
... ... ...
I dono wat else to say.

Still blaming me...? Ona ona don so mang zang laa.. I dare not tell u face to face, not even via phone. But but... angry not good for health, its true. Must smile more ya :)

I wont cry liao, I wanna grow strong so I wont be making mistake anymore... Can i..?

. . : : when sunshine we shine together : : . .
told u i'll be here forever
said i'll always be ur fren
took an oath, i'mm stick it out till the end
now that it's raining more than ever
know that we still have each other
u can stand under my umbrella....
... ... ...


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