Im specialized in IT

Im stil not familiar with Vista... Lotsa things inside my laptop hv not been set up yet, alot alot popups keep asking me whthr i wanna register, sign up, receive updates, erm..... what else... I dono...

I wish to have a properly setup laptop.... Help~~~

Im such IT dummie yet telling ppl that "Im doing recruitment, specialized in IT" ** shame of it **

New Hair

Over the weekend,
I had a new laptop.
I had a new haircut.
I had a new dillemma for myself...

I miss weekends badly....

dono why, i cant manage to install properly my beloved Photoshop into my OO junior...


Im drunk and Im in love...

I have not find my perfect match yet. So i told him i love u. I truly understand that u r not a wise choise, o even a damn damn stupid choice of mine. But still, I love u, till the day I wont love u anymore...

Love the feelings of tipsy. Love love love...

Welcome to my world

I'v booked a brand new Compaq Presario V3631TU. It looks exactly the same as my OO~ But Compaq changed their logo to a more simplified Q than the previous "Compaq" wordings in front. Spec wise... I'v got Vista instead of my previous XP. The rest... same...

Im so lazie to go and have market research, it just happened that coincidently kevin offer me this Compaq. So I just take. Since I was happy with my old ones, why shud I spend so much time and effort to take once more risk to try a new ones? I refused to new exposure... And Im lazie... Im such a me that always spend money to get convenient, just like I always take NPE and Smart Tunnel from Subang to KL, take LDP den Penchala Link to Hartamas from Kepong; just like when I bought my new K850...

Welcome my OO junior... Welcome to my world...

Today is Bad Tuesday. My k850 blue screen-ed outa sudden, all my internal data lost. Again my contacts gone, my picz taken since last week gone (sorry amber for those pretty piczz...). Now cant even add new contact to it. Pissssssed me off!

Helped James to post a job, ended up kena shoot pulak... Speechless... Help~~ Its not my fault~ Its not my job, I just help to spread out. People nowadays reali outa what I can expect. RM100-RM120 min 5'5" jobs nobody shoot, jobs with no requirements RM80 kena shoot. Somemore it wasnt my job... I can only sigh...

Its bad for me. But its even worse for Eric and Richard. Welcome them to join my "Lost Laptop Gang". Roberry happened and they lost their laptops too. Takziah to Richard's OO and Eric's Twinhead.

Im at the edge of my heart. Dont try to challenge me anymore

Big Girl Dont Cry

I aint acting tough, it was experiences made me such a me, its commitments not allow me to fall.

Things happened are happened. There will be no turn back.

If tears help, I'll have tons of tears to get me outa the troubles.
If someone could put on my masks for my roles, I'll just collapse irregards every responsibilites.
If solutions will be given instead of symphathy, I'll just let myself go, and be like a lost child.
If someone can walk my miles on behalf of me, I'll just stop, letting you to takeover.

Big girls do cry. Just not as loud.

Standing high, not because of egoism. But to keep myself at my own place and not to fall.

Good bye Compaq aka OO

My laptop kena stolen at Low Yat car park this Tuesday... The sinful thief broken my car windows and took my beloved. I lost my best partner of life, and lost all my memories too, which I cant retrieve it no matter how much I spent...

Takziah to my dear Compaq aka OO...

Therefore Im having problem making my blog nice recently.
Therefore Im broke and don even have enuf money to buy anothr laptop.
Why im so broke cuz I went Low Yat tat day to sell off my dear N70, exchanged it with my new love Sony Ericson K850i. N there goes my laptop while Im spent RM2k+ for the handphone.

After my crazy spent session, I went down carpark with amber and my sis. I saw lotsa guards surrounding my car, I was wondering "yea my son reali tat lengchai?" Then I was almost fainted seeing my laptop stolen. My heart broke into pieces like my car window. I stoned and suddenly, I dono how2 handle the situation.

Carpark securities are useless, police too. Sorry that I have to say that, cuz the way they handled my case was awfully dissapointing. I noe i noe the possibilities of getting back my laptop is sooooooo low. But atleast try ma. They promised, but ended up pushing the burden from one to anthr, delaying like we have thousands yrs of life. Yet not even able to check out cctv record for me.

Thats Malaysian's style. Securities are only for u to FEEL SECURE, not to secure u. Bear ur own risks on ur own shoulder. CCTVs are jz part of the mechanicz to secure u mentally, no actual usage.

...I have succesfully made nobody worry, but Im still at where I am...
Till the rain stop, I'll stand still with my spirit

Its Amber's Birthday :)

Its one of my dearest jimui amber's birthday just around the corner~~!! :)

16th Oct is her birthday, sadly Wednesday everybody has to work. Therefore we celebrated in advanced at 13th Oct. I went to Robinsons The Garden to grab amber's as well as wantik's belated birthday present. Spent 3 hours checking out BENEFIT's products. Omg it has become my recent most wanted item in my wish lists~

I was initially think that its "just anthr Hollywood Start Brand", but their products are awesome~!! Besides their very very nice and Hollywood star-like packaging, it has lotsa very rare to be seen products from other counters too. Eg: Benetint the liquid blusher (super natural sun-kissed effect, love it~), HighBeam the pinkish highlighter (sweetie cheekie ^^), series of face powder (for better complexion and even skin tone, highlight effects), not to mention the powder to cream eyeliner cum eyeshadow... etcetc.. I was reali reali in dillema choosing present, and merely broke my budget ><

I am truly shopaholic, I jz choose choose choose like nobody's biz, without notice tat I might not having enuf cash. Shamefully, I chosen RM3xx products and told the product advisor...
"Let me check whthr I hv enough cash..."
"No worries, we accept cards :)"
"but i don have card...."
"What?! how old are u and its so easie to apply credit cards nowadays!"
okieee.. I noe its shameful that an OL don hv credit cards, but luckie I did bring enuf cash ::hehe::

Then I picked up Amber, we were late for the dinner session, for almost one hr... Sorry dear all, I cant stop myself spending tat much of time looking at things i like....

Wonwon kills my surpriz, she bocor where v planned to hv surpriz dinner with amber~!! ::angry:: Tat was such a great great dissapointment, Bakerzin closed for Hari Raya, we forced to dinner at Itallianese. My dear plan of cutie cake tapas spoilt ::sobsob:: Luckily it was satisfied, but v forgotten to take picz with dear Meeyee and her beloved ang ang....

Our night session was at the sizzling hot club in PJ, Sanctuary ::hyper:: Maybe it was a long wkend, it wasnt tat pack tat nite. Lotsa weirdo too :p We were the weirdo gang too. 4 gals and a btl of Black Label (yeng man~) Played games, punished to drink, got tipsy... It was fun but wasted tat wantik and wonwon has to go bek earlie. Some special apperance filled up the nite :)

There goes a nite of celebration~ Happy 23rd Birthday to Amber~~~ ::xoxo::

Holiday mood

Sooooo holiday mood~~~ Im happily announce that aileng miao will be on holiday from tml onwards and only will be back on duty next Wed~!! Sadly, its only applicable to my full time job ::sobsob:: :"(

I've been wuliao-ing since morning till now, doing nth at all, waiting for my dear 6pm... I cant wait to go back to my dear "kampung". Have to pack for so many days, Im sure i'll left my room big big big mess aftr my pack-up session.

Yeah yeah I had my schedule below for my long long weekend:~

Fri:: work --> pack --> visit my angels --> my own work --> back to my dear kampung~!!
Satur:: claim my angels' pay --> prepare --> gal's nite out!!
Sun:: ZZzzz --> eat --> ZZzzz --> slumber --> BBQ~ slurp! I wanna eat corn, saussages, chic wings..... yummy yummy...
Mon:: slumberzzzzzz --> appointment --> my own work
Tue:: Finally thers such a day which is unofficial public holiday but Im not working~ I wanna go open acc, enterprise registrations ::wink wink:: ---> still gotto do my own work at nite ::sigh::
Wed:: so grey... its another working day.........

1 more hour to go....

Looking for 4 pretty hotties for Jack Daniel's Global Music Tour Party next Friday@Poppy Collection. 930pm-130am, RM150+comm RM8/btl. Yea when you see commission, this is a sales oriented job. Interested PM me :) Need more details? Click Here


I had some terrible time yesterday at my working place. I cant breath and almost black out. Dono wats wrong with myself n it was just happened outa sudden. I was trying so hard to adjust my evry single inhale exhale to get my breathing back as normal, but it doesnt really work but getting worse. Nearly fainted in the toilet but luckily din, the floor wasnt that clean :p
Errr... Shame of it I made my dear working fellows all messed up. It happened twice in a nite. Even when I left, I still feeling dizzy, cannot talk smoothly. Damn damn luckie I manage to reach home safely. God blessed me :)

1 1/2hour more my 2 angels starting work, bosses will be around. Im sooooo worry if bad things gonna happen again. Plz plz plz.... evrything go smooth plzz... Lord plz bless my angels, give them the best best best luck atleast for to9.

Pray to the god, send me a guardian angel plz.


Umbrella-wanna-be meee

Im walking outa the rain and had been aggressive today.
Although the results still doesnt seems satisfied...

Can you see how much efforts I've spent? Im sorry because Im still new. Im appreciate that I'd given opportunities to make mistakes. My apology that my mistakes caused ur inconvenience...
... ... ...
I dono wat else to say.

Still blaming me...? Ona ona don so mang zang laa.. I dare not tell u face to face, not even via phone. But but... angry not good for health, its true. Must smile more ya :)

I wont cry liao, I wanna grow strong so I wont be making mistake anymore... Can i..?

. . : : when sunshine we shine together : : . .
told u i'll be here forever
said i'll always be ur fren
took an oath, i'mm stick it out till the end
now that it's raining more than ever
know that we still have each other
u can stand under my umbrella....
... ... ...

Heart in rain

I noe this are not what u want o what u reali wish it to happen, but u had put my heart into an unstopable heavy rain....

I need to sleep to get me outa this... I'll be fine....

" I'll be strong, I'll be not afraid of life "

Hugz wanted

Suddenly I miss some shrinked memories... Now I noe, the way to love is to realize that it might be lost.

My mind must be messed up by a red wine from Bordeaux, name unknown. Thats why feelings aint rite...

Dono since when I become such a stubborn person. I wish some one can actuali make me softer. I used to be so so so soft, act like a spoilt child. I wish I can be always like a child who will never grow up, in the Never Never Land built by you.

I abandoned by cares, away from loves. Things happened around me made me such a me. Which I prefer myself not to be such a me. A neko who always wish to be care about, to be spoiled in love, to be innocent, to be gentle, and not to be a stubborn and tough ones...

Im having too much but love. Who said love cures? Cure me plzz...

Dont worry. I'll be fine, soon. I'll be fine, after awhile. I just in need of a hug.


Sweet Talks

Seems like soooo long never update my blog. Been so tired these days, overloaded with works and jobs. Looking forward my next month to have more free time.

Busy also have to update abiit in my blog!

I still wanna write about Genting, but not now.

I learnt some lame sweet talk from different persons....

A gentleman looking guy::
"Let me get u some ice for your drink"
"Can I have ur eyes too?"
::: =.= stoned :::

A lame guy friend::
"What happened u bang your car?!!"
"Cuz i was keep thinking of u while driving"

::: simply put the blame on me.... sobsob :::

Genting Trip

I went genting last weekend. : : Sweet Escape : :

Genting is truly popular. All hotels on hill are occupied, left only those super expensive ones.... So we stayed at Awana, not cheap though, also costs rm24x. But I like there, its more cozy than any hotel on hill. Mayb its brighter. And its pretty spacious, 2 queen sized bed a room, coffee table, balcony with nice nice golf course view~

I went into Ripley's first in my life time, and casino too. I played bingo in casino and lose rm1 :"( Im so stingy with gamble, not even rm1 (i noe losen rm1 in casino sounds funnie) i rather spend the m1 to donate or to buy mummum... Ripley's has alot alot of wuliao stuff inside. Not so worth for the ticket price rm18. But the PIC surprisingly allow us to enter FOC! Cuz their cashier closed when we wana enter :: luckie :: ^^*

At the end of the day, I met poor Mr. Snowman prisoned....

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