It's Chinese New Year~


Bye bye to the year of RATS and welcome the years for OX. Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!!

I've been enjoying food, reunions, family moments and thanks giving.

Wishing you, you and you and you toooooo enjoying the greatest moment of the year and to have prosperous and blasting new year ahead.

To everybody who I loved, xoxo.


Kota Damansara vs Bangsar Boutiques


OMG I did it again...................... T_______T

I AM officially broke. What to do, "Chinese New Year mah" .... Quoted from Gerald. Thanks to Gerald for motivating me to shop in stead of to save.


PS:: Sleepy post warning!


So, last weekend I went Kota Damansara for boutiques hopping. I've onced love there so muchiee. But after a few months of lack of visit, I'm not quite sure whether my taste changed or something, everything just doesn't look right. Even though we've shopped my beloved Secret Garden, Le Tea, Acme, etc etc, Still none of us manage to get anything from any shop.

So, I went back to Bangsar Telawi again. Oh my all-time-favourite spot.


Victories from MOOIE. Something casual :) Pinky Hoodie Jacket RM65, Blacky Halter RM45.


And check out my new love - Shoes, shoes, shoes. You can never have enough.


The cutest shoe box I ever had.


My first bold strapped suede heels. RM240.


Black belt, a simple one. RM89.



I know it's a bit overpriced, but it's so nice to wear so easy to be matched with~~


I spent RM500+ for three sets of lingerie T______________T

Oh by the way, Triumph having promotion for new collection in Isetan - Buy two sets and get the third sets in 50% of normal price.


Okieeee that's all about my shopping victories... So far.

I didn't really buy a lot of things in fact. But I spent A LOT wtf.


So, it's time for random pictures muahahahaha.



miaoz in specs. Nice or not nice or not?  


Twisties the pressie. Probably the lovely-est ever pressie on the earth *v*



Mission failed.

Dear Lily, a wish for your marriage - may each new day find your hearts a little closer, your lives a little fuller, your love a little deeper, prince and princess will be happily ever after.

Congratulations. xoxo.


Picxxie Journal


Daddy fell from a stool while fixing electrical wiring on the ceiling and broke his wrist, then admitted to hospital. I've spent these few days back in kampung with mummy, sister and brother. I've been visiting to hospital too much recently. May god bless everybody around me would have a safe and healthy year ahead.

Not so used to it when you are not around.


Blue Nails Comb

I painted my nails ocean blue and counting down to my Koh Samui trip. Another 14 days to go :)


USB Fan Comb

Another new blue I just had. A USB fan. Don't actually know what's it for, as it's not cooling enough yet have no other practical features. It's just looks cutie when plugged to USB port, the wings spun and the bottom lit in blue light.


High school girlies steamboat gathering at Happy City Steamboat Metro Prima, Kepong. I found a fish ball stuffed with minced meat which looks exactly like Hershey Kiss Choco.

Wth you don't know what's a Hershey? Check this out - CLICK.



In mood of shopping. Bought another sweater(?)/dress(?) from Pull And Bear 1 Utama New Wing, RM139. The GAP paper bag? It contained something that can't be revealed yet. Stay Tune ;)


Too much desires, too deep obsessions, too little money wth.


The Return of Bimbobum Neko Hime

It was quite the surprised to know that people actually care about my bimbo-life.


"You didn't go for shopping lately? How come have never seen you post your shopping victories?"

"You stopped doing nail art already?"

"Where you shop lately? Any boutique to recommend?"

"Yoh your blog getting more and more dull lor oookieee."





Yes I really never shop much lately, reason one is because I'm busy spending time with my baby and sacrificing my biggest interest of life.

Reason two, I'm broke. Apparently I'm not doing much work recently and I'm spending off my very precious-very-little savings. Therefore I don't really want my account figure to reach the bottom.

And reason three is... I didn't really see things that I like. I'm still doing mani-pedicure. For some reason I just hardly get something that I really bother to blog about it.



I think my manicure that I've done before my Bali trip is my last and latest favourite lor.


Yes lah I did some shopping lately. A very very minor ones. That day was just passed by and noticed that is a new small little boutique opened at Hartamas, few doors from Uncle Don former address.

It's indeed a very very small boutique. Not much choices. But I manage to mine some gems from there.


 Blk Dress

A piece of black dress, I have no idea how to name it. But I like it cute and it's very very nice to wear, RM50+- is definitely a good buy :) Ever since that I've begun putting on weight, I have to say bye bye to body hugging or fitting clothes reluctantly and have a wardrobe replacement of slacky loose clothes T_____T



This is not a dress, it suppose to be a top due to the very high split on both sides - RM65. I'm still figuring out what's the matching bottom.


LOL What happened why recently all nice clothes are either black or red? Christmas is over ain't it?


A pair of Turquoise leisure flats - ooooo I've finally seen something summer from the gloomy doomy winter trend. RM42.



For your information - Art D Fashion, Desa Sri Hartamas.



Shopping revived meeeee. Allelujah, I found my lights of life.


Oh food! I wanna talk about food too!

Lwin brought me to Chilly Pan Mee at Sunway Kota Damansara - Restaurant Super Kitchen, which I'm not sure if it's the original recipe from the founder of Chilly Pan Mee located at Chow Kit (named Kin Kin Pan Mee or something), or maybe just another copycat.

But I was enlightened to discover this restaurant. Forgive me if I offended any die hard fan of the founder, because I have been not visiting for YEARS and I've totally forgotten how's the genuine taste of it suppose to be.


It has the very same egg and minced meat and ikan billis that I likey. And it tastes just hot and spicy delicious as if how it suppose to be. Oh yea and the yummy veggie soup that I likey.


The same chilly that can numb my taste bud.


And I probably like this place better for it's cleaner brighter ambience, more cooling, no long queue.


For those who can tell the difference, please check it out and lemme know if it's a copycat. Map HERE.

Source of info HERE.


It's something random but I can't help to post it. I went to a pet shop next to Taman Megah Ming Tien Food Court.


My favourite animal on the earth. Isn't it looks Siberian miaoz?


Everyone Loves Twisties

These are Twisties.

Twisties Junk Food


- Twisties are one of the most popular snack foods in Australia. Smith's claims it to be the "number one extruded snack brand" - by Wikipedia, or more HERE.


Some people just love Twisties too much and they even turn themselves as Twisties.

twistiesmen ii


And people wouldn't even surprised seeing man-sized Twisties walking down the street.

Twisties Outdoor


It shows that how power Twisties penetrates into human society and how high acceptance people has towards Twisties as part of their life.


Meet Twisties in neko (cat . miao) form.



Twisties is an ego fatty miao with fluffy hair.


It's interesting to find out that, usually the fatter a miao is, the more ego it is. Just as Twisties, and also the world famous Garfiled.



Or maybe the fella just too lazy to move nor to entertain.



Why is Twisties a Twisties?

Because Twisties' body print appeared to be whirling in stead of the most commonly seen vertical print.


And therefore Twisties is Twisties for it's twisting whirling print. Check out the white spot at the end of it's tail, one of Twisties' significant print :)


Let's clap and thanks for Twisties special appearance here. Also special credit to Twisties' slave - Lwin. *clap clap clap*



This is how I spent my weekend. No drinking, no party.


This is the reason why, is CNY @ BMW. I was there Saturday and Sunday as an usher.


Meet my working partner in crime - Davina. The Chinese girl who has fairest skin tone I've ever met. Also my dearie working mate in MPE :)


People from the event company :)


Sales Advisors from Auto Bavaria ^^*


We worked hard for this event.


We have given out these door gifts to the guests.


OUR Registration Counter.


We painted our DIY fans prepared at the kids' section.


Davina and her Plum Flower Fan.


Us and our arty farty work. Check out my kindergarten style drawings.


There was this Tea Appreciation Talk during the event too.


Tea sets that I likey. Upper set to boil higher temperature for black tea. Lower set to boil lower temperature for green tea.


We love the tea. Chinese and Japanese Green Tea are so different!


Not to forget to mention, I want this ride~ Oh my birthday coming soon #2


I wanna take it home............ If Im allowed to...........


For the Full Picture Album, this way please...... CLICK

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