Picxxie Journal


Daddy fell from a stool while fixing electrical wiring on the ceiling and broke his wrist, then admitted to hospital. I've spent these few days back in kampung with mummy, sister and brother. I've been visiting to hospital too much recently. May god bless everybody around me would have a safe and healthy year ahead.

Not so used to it when you are not around.


Blue Nails Comb

I painted my nails ocean blue and counting down to my Koh Samui trip. Another 14 days to go :)


USB Fan Comb

Another new blue I just had. A USB fan. Don't actually know what's it for, as it's not cooling enough yet have no other practical features. It's just looks cutie when plugged to USB port, the wings spun and the bottom lit in blue light.


High school girlies steamboat gathering at Happy City Steamboat Metro Prima, Kepong. I found a fish ball stuffed with minced meat which looks exactly like Hershey Kiss Choco.

Wth you don't know what's a Hershey? Check this out - CLICK.



In mood of shopping. Bought another sweater(?)/dress(?) from Pull And Bear 1 Utama New Wing, RM139. The GAP paper bag? It contained something that can't be revealed yet. Stay Tune ;)


Too much desires, too deep obsessions, too little money wth.


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