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It's finally here, it has reached THREE days ahead the estimated date. Woooooot wooooooot~~~~


It has come in such a huge box de neh....

Box WHite

The original habitat of my whitey.


Meet my baby Inspiron Whitey :)

Lappie Set

The family of Inspiron Whitey.

Omg Im so damn excited #@*&#^


The brand new interface is very very very very the Apple-like.


Freaaaking stunning..... *v*

And my dearie Inspiron Whitey comes with the Windows Live Writer application which enable me to create my blog post and upload picture (omg even to put border and watermark on my pictures) offline, and then one click to upload the post. Now you can download this application HERE, Im sure every blogger gonna love it as much as I do :)


For those who care, sorry for the lack of update recently. My Christmas was sweet and my New Year Eve was crazy. Will update more pictures to share my lately happie sweet life ^^*

May god love and bless my baby Inpsiron Whitey. So I can update my blog pleasantly now on.


alvin24 said...

WAh wah wah wah wah... why got pics of your new lappie, no pics of my new com? LoL...

aileng miao said...

oooooo... because u never update ur blog loh, thats why~

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