Kota Damansara vs Bangsar Boutiques


OMG I did it again...................... T_______T

I AM officially broke. What to do, "Chinese New Year mah" .... Quoted from Gerald. Thanks to Gerald for motivating me to shop in stead of to save.


PS:: Sleepy post warning!


So, last weekend I went Kota Damansara for boutiques hopping. I've onced love there so muchiee. But after a few months of lack of visit, I'm not quite sure whether my taste changed or something, everything just doesn't look right. Even though we've shopped my beloved Secret Garden, Le Tea, Acme, etc etc, Still none of us manage to get anything from any shop.

So, I went back to Bangsar Telawi again. Oh my all-time-favourite spot.


Victories from MOOIE. Something casual :) Pinky Hoodie Jacket RM65, Blacky Halter RM45.


And check out my new love - Shoes, shoes, shoes. You can never have enough.


The cutest shoe box I ever had.


My first bold strapped suede heels. RM240.


Black belt, a simple one. RM89.



I know it's a bit overpriced, but it's so nice to wear so easy to be matched with~~


I spent RM500+ for three sets of lingerie T______________T

Oh by the way, Triumph having promotion for new collection in Isetan - Buy two sets and get the third sets in 50% of normal price.


Okieeee that's all about my shopping victories... So far.

I didn't really buy a lot of things in fact. But I spent A LOT wtf.


So, it's time for random pictures muahahahaha.



miaoz in specs. Nice or not nice or not?  


Twisties the pressie. Probably the lovely-est ever pressie on the earth *v*


Anonymous said...

walao.. super broke yet bought 3 set of lingerie for RM500+ plus a pair of RM240 shoes? almost 1k gone..
200% salute u..

who the hell on earth wil believe u r broke wor??

aileng miao said...

I wasnt broke before this. And now officially broke ;)

alvin24 said...


I also salute!

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