Lunch @ Water Front, Desa Park City

My first time mummum in Desa Park City, the most expensive township in Kepong area.

Water Front. But where's the water?

We had All One Ramen, which is the same company as KTZ.

I ordered a chicken porridge. As usual I started to take pic when the food arrived. Yang Dipertuan Doggie King commented that I always didnt take the full view of the food, that makes him felt that my picciez are "incomplete".

Chicken Porridge by miaoz

Chicken Porridge by Doggie King.

Lets do a poll, which looks nicer?

Doggie King recommended Salad Prawn. Yummieeee..

But it was served super hot cuz it's full fried. We figured out the method "How to Eat Hot Salad Prawn Safely". Which is to bite and open holes at its' both ends, and let the hot air come out. It works!!

Doggie King's Seafood Ramen. Slurp Slurp~ Could be even nicer if the prawns are skinless hor?

NOT LEMON JUICE. But hand washer. I still believe that soap does better job.

And then we saw a pinky bike for delivery services. One day if Im jobless I can probably interview as delivery girl for this restaurant. Cuz I think this bike looks cool and it could be even more cool matching with miaoz

miaoz and her slave

I want I want that apartment~ The taller one~

Ofcourse presenting miaoz victories of the week.............

Heels by Anne Klein, Tube Dress by Padini Authentics, Chiffon Top by ACME

The most most most expensive shoes I've ever buy in my life. RM579 with 30% discount. I fell in love with it when I met it first in original price that I absolutely cant afford. Finally its on sale so its mine~~~~~


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