It's Sharon's Birthday~

19.June.2008. Dear Sharon's birthday :)

We "lightly" celebrated her birthday at New Way Subang on that night itself.

The freaking Nightclub-like karaoke room -.-" We never know that New Way have such room lor....

The pervert Ah Pek and two GROs.

Food of the night - Fried Fish, Cheese Sausage and Fried Spicy Chicken Wing.

*** *** ***

We had the real celebration on Saturday @ Bambo9~

Crabbie before clubbing, weird agenda hor? =.=


Lets get the party started~

Birthday Cake time~~

The lovely couple ^^*

Cutting Cake :slurp:

And the couple again~~~

The cake cutting assistant - Wong wantik

The lightbulb Doggie King and the sweet couple

KK wasnt happie with the cake :grrr:

According to traditions, birthday girl must have take pictures with all guests who attended her birthday. So did us.....

The sober group pic

Sharon, Welfred and Ah Moo. Not to forget Dewars and coke ^^*

Some people got drunk too earlie......

Some people still remain sober

Sharon and KK

KK, Sharon and Welfred, and the damn distractive smoke

The Threesome

Biscuit Can, Irono, Doggie King aka Pink Lady aka Yew Yew (and more...), Shyh Cherng the matahari

ah miao and ah moo

Jame Jame, drunken wantik and miaoz

wantik KO-ed

miaoz and beloved Welfred~ (check out the funnie face behind...)

The buddies

WTF the broke back mountain couple

Biscuit Can tried to act cute :OMG:

Funniest face of te night :kekekeke:

KK and miaoz

Eventually we finished more than 3bottles of liquor, most of us KO-ed. Presenting the survivors~~~~

Ta da~~~

miaoz and DogKing

Biggie miaoz and fatty DogKing tried to look slim (=.=)"

miaoz and Irono

Beer after liquor......

The final three survivors~~ Weeeee~~~


Anonymous said...

fun nite u all have..i wish to join..

aileng miao said...

who's tis orh? wonwon??

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