My Supposed Wonderful Weekend Night

A supposed wonderful weekend night.

With beloved buddies, hawttie music in the house, lotsa lotsa alcohol.
With interesting games. With endless laughter.

Supposed wonderful weekend night.

Quarrel is like dropping ink into water and it spreads, it affects things around. Making noise is giving small issue a big shadow. It ruined this supposed wonderful night and leaves it a mess.

I hate quarrel I hate quarrel I hate quarrel I hate quarrel

My working partner in crime tonight, Venus.

Self twisted ears to apology to someone who I didnt practice my promise to :guilt guilt guilt:


Anonymous said...

i'm so so sorry..it was all my fault..
i had spoiled the supposed wonderful weekend night..
i'm super duper guilty..
but very soon, no more chance of this that to spoiled evybody's wonderful weekend night ald..

Guilty Me,

aileng miao said...

aiseh.. nobody blaming u aso... donthink so muchie la :)

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