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Im very very busy today with my gadgets.

My lappie was reformatted, but still very very slow. I've decided to upgrade it's RAM~

Everybody told me that RAM cannot be simply upgraded and it has to be paired with the other RAM currently in my lappie. aiyooo complicated nya... I've decided to bring my lappie to the PC shop, throw it there and let those PROs to handle it :hohohoho:

To-d0 list for lappie:-

1. Buy RAM
2. Buy Anti Virus Software (I wonder why I never have this kinda software... My lappie never protected..? OMG....)
3. Install everything after RAM upgraded

And finally my Sony Ericsson K850 ko-ed.

Everybody who think of buying this phone.... Please dont... Im not the first one who's been having problem with this sucky phone. Not to mention the not so nice quality in night/indoor capture. The stupid unstable application been creating trouble for me.

Evry week, atleast once it's hung off itself and you'll see dialogue shown "Application Failed" whatever application you try to click in. So you wont be able to open your SMS inbox, wont be able to receive SMS, Calender, etcetc. Untill you Master Reset it. Damn x sibeh troublesome until you freaking pissed off and got ultra frust with it isnt it?

Okie back to the topic. Finally this phone died with suddenly shut off and just cant be turned on anymore. And also finally I dulan it and decided to get a new phone!!!! I cant stand it anymore~~!!!

Without anymore hesitation, I've called up and booked a phone which not so suitable to me (according to everybody's feedback...). Then immediately I departed to the distributor at Low Yat to collect it.

Teaser of aileng's new phone...

Clue: Nokia N series... Yea again.....

Come come lets guess whats my choice of phone model?

Taaaa~ Daaaa~ Its a N95 that costs me RM1780. Hhhhhmmmmmpppppp mou la la I spent so muchieeeeee........

Evrybody keep complaining this phone is too corporate for me. Not suitable not suitable not suitable. Aiseh Im an OL anyway why not suitable worrr?

But anyway I bought this phone for it's 5megapixels picture quality and nothing else. Untill now I still cant figure out it's socalled complete functions....

But Im cool enough to make it looks more suitable to meee~

Yeah I cutie-fied it with my miaoish accesories.

As well as miaoish Cutie Pinkish Theme.

I know that will be a pink N95 coming out to the market in coming 2 3 months, by then I'll replace it with a pink color housing. That's suitable to me enough lor hor?

Before get on to bed, lemme present the coolest pic of the day~~~

My cool po po with sis' ugly specs.


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

yoyo!your grandma so yeng le~and finally u bought new phone ya~

aileng miao said...

hehe nxt time i bring my popo out n v play together la since she so yeng.
yeala u bought urs i donwanna sid dai too... ^^*
rmb my san sun from china yea~~

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