Sunday the Family Day

Sunday the family day, we had our family BRUNCHEON @ Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo (located opposite to Station 1 Kepong Metro Prima).

My family breakfast or BRUNCHEON normally held here, cuz daddie is a very typical Chinaman with very Chinaman toungue which cant take his socalled Gen-X Food. But we all do love this Yong Tow Foo Restaurant pretty much too. It taste damn nice with fresh cooking materials and most importantly the soup aint so Ajinomoto-ish, also with sibeh reasonable price.

The Soupy Yong Tow Foo, strongly recommended Fishballs and dumplings.

Mummie daddie and bro and aunt said these are nice but I only take the white Tofu :p

Fried Spring Rolls and Fried Dumplings. Thumbs up for Dumplings.

Paper Wrapped Chicken. I like it's smooth smooth texture, well marinated and not overcooked. Yummiee~

Daddie said, Yong Tow Foo without dippies are not a complete Yong Tow Foo meal. Dippie is a must!!

Meet my two baby girl cousins

The elder sis Poh Ruuuu ^^*

The younger sis Poh Yeeee ^^*

I asked them to say cheeese. And they were really cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese it out *sweet*

Baby Poh Yeee cried cuz mummy scolded her for not eating properly *hmmpppp ona ona sayang......*

Babies are babies. With some lil distractions they can easily fotgotten that they were crying!! LOL

And also meet my another VIP family member. You gotto get his permission before entering my hosue neh. Dont play play yea~

The Majesty White Dragon 白龙王...

Okie... I know that his name might be abiit soo the jargon for a dog... But people who known me for years all known that all doggies in my family histories having jargon names, like Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, 马英九, 陈水扁 etcetc... So Mr. Majesty White Dragon aint too much in the family chart nia :)

The sniffy Majesty White Dragon on duty, inspecting every visitor from top to toe.

neko's look of the weekend (>v<*)

Wouldnt It Be Nice (OST of Fifty First Date)
by The Beach Boys


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