Like searching for a lost needle in the sea

"Like searching for a lost needle in the sea."

This is the forecast of my luck of this year I've got from my "sip tai sui" session.

Searching a needle in a sea, means that I will put in lotsa lotsa efforts to workout something which doesnt come back with result I deserved.

There was an old Ah Ma in the Chinese Templer like telling an old story, interpreted the meaning of the poem shown on the stick I've got. She told me this year isnt a good year for me to start my own biz. But since it was too late that I've already started, she just informed me to be extra careful. That I'll be facing lotsa lotsa depressions that my efforts are not appreciated.

Then I told her this year I planned to have my own house, she also asked me not to fancy too much. There'll be lotsa lotsa opportunities to me this year, but all plans will ended up blown off.

Then love..... I might be expecting too much ended up with shaterred and dissapointments.

These were terribly freaking accurate. Im not a damn superficious person but every advice she gave was really applicable to me these few months.

Been expecting, then come back with overwhelming dissapointments. Then again ready to contribute, then the results can never satisfying...

I just want some simple happiness, not heavenly princessy life not Paris Hilton-like. Can I?


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