Sip Tai Sui

I’ve been to a Chinese Temple today to “sip tai sui”. “Tai Sui” is a star which bringing negative energy to Rat this year according to Chinese astrology, so I’ll have to “sip” to minimize all the negative impact on mee… That’s all I know about “sip tai sui”, and I have done it first in my life time.

It’s a super simple procedure which I just offer joss sticks to a few thurible (?)/joss stick container (?) – dono what’s the name… Then one auntie will take down my birthdate and time then fan me with some offering things and burn it. Then its done and I’ll be having better luck..? Unbelievable… But anyway, as elderly said, rather to believe it really helps.

I’ve asked about forecasts of my luck this year, just outa curiosity but it was pretty accurate.

This year isn’t as good as the previous year. I might be facing a lot of unpredictable risks, therefore I must be extra extra careful to everything-career, wealth, relationship, and even health.

Also, my efforts spent will not getting returns which I deserved.

The result was disturbing…

So I’ve spoken to Buddha too.

I don really believe in god so muchie, but its just so calm, peaceful, serenity when confessing. Its like talking to ur heart and listening to urself.

Don’t blame on lucks. Take it and appreciate what have been given. I’ll grow from depreciations and challenges.

This is a year for me to grow. I’ve seen the most beautiful and ugliest things recently. And I’ll have to learn HOW TO TAKECARE MYSELF, also HOW TO PROTECT MYSELF.


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