Sony PSP Piazza @ Curve

My first time doing cosplay in game character. It was suppose a two days job on Satur and Sun, but I can only made it on Sun. So my dear friends dont ask me why never see me on the media opening ya, its just because I wasnt there for some reasons :p

Yea I am a black elf. And again I have to highlight, I hate the white hair. I nagged not to wear it during thruought the entire makeover session (even the fitting session!!), but still failed... *sigh*

Yin Gee The School Girl

Darren The Ninja

Joe Ee as Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife (Can you spot the mistakes in this pic?)

The Emperor and the Kimono Girl

The hair stylist and mamasan Aline featured Black Elf and Cloud

Ivan as Obi Wan and Raymond as Anakin Skywalker

Maria as Lili of Tekken, Cloud Strife, Carol as French Maid, Black Elf, Patricia as Race Queen of Juiced 2

My white hair partner ^^*

Khiyumie as Football Player of Winning Eleven, Eng Hoe as Dragon Ball

Characters on stage

Group pic after work~

We are back as being ourselve ^^v


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