Bangkok Trip - Day 3

Time for a happie posting - backdated Bangkok Trip Day 3 :)


Took BTS from Nana station to Siam station. Reached Siam Center which just next to the station~

I just cant resist from cupcakes... So...

Hehe.... Is mini cupcakes day!

For better photo effect, wantik and wonwon pretended they love cupcake so muchiiee too!

We had our BRUNCH at Lee Cafe.

Wonwon had her very healthy Watermelon juice.

And Im so inlove with Thai Ice Tea with milk.

Wantik's home-made herbal tea.

Lee Cafe signature dish-SPRING ROLL. Very, very, very, very, very nice.

Have forgotten what's its name, but its nice too!

Claypot Pork Rice, a healthy choice. I dont normally take "lap cheong" cuz its too oily, but Thai people really have their own way to cook pork nicely.

Fried Mee. My favourite main course.

Wantik's live demonstration of "How to Eat A So-Nice-You'll Die For It-Food".


After food, walk walk to burn fat ofcourse~

The very contemporary and chic designed Siam Center.

Phone Booth in Siam Center.

miaoz @ Gents.

Wantik and the Ladies.

The washroom interior.


We walked to Siam Paragon which just right opposite. Its a high end commercial center with alot alot international brands, as well as some sophisticated automotive showrooms at the highest floor.

Fierce fierce Lamborghinni

The very Transformer-like Ferrari.

And this is my favourite of all, the posh posh Porche.

Thais are considerate, atleast they died out the ciggie instead of just throw it onto the ash tray.

Keroro Gunso on the street!


We walked to Siam Discovery, about 15min of walking distance. Should have take train neh ><

There was nothing much to shop in Siam Discovery. But the newly opened Siam Discovery is like a smaller version of Zen Departmental Store I went at the 2nd day. Full of cutie stuff~ But its all selling at the same price with Zen.

Loft of Love

Animal Cushion. I like the miao-ish ones!

Check out the rabbito shoes on bear bear ^^*

And the ever happie Squirrel Family~

Huggy huggy Sunny side up, Mushroom, Drumstick, etc....

Magical Magic Lights.

The Party Cups for couple :)

Pretty Dressed Glass for jimui's gathering ^^*

Animal animal Shower kit.

Piggy banks not certainly piggies.

miaoz demonstrating "Baskin Robbin very the nice".

Wonwon sexily demonstrating "How to Eat BR Ice Cream".

We are on our way to our favourite shopping spot in town, Suan Lum Night Bazaar :)

Beanie Seats @ Suan Lum.

Bear bears~

Who said night bazaar cannot be nicely designed?

A shop of Thai local designer who sketched miaos on almost every single piece of his artwork. I would like to meet him if there's chance neh...

When he makes a home... When she makes a home... They make it for each other.

We skipped our dinner, so we had a heavy dinner at the open air eateries at Suan Lum. Thai Omellete is alwys nice, but others are just so-so yet not too cheap. Better still if we go for those restaurant inside, almost the same pricing, and much better environment. Most importantly, table service :p

Our refreshment after whole day of shopping~


There goes our 3rd day in Bangkok.... :)


wantik said...

we came bek from bangkok more than a month dy ehh.....i still miss bkk a lot a lot~~

aileng miao said...

ano ano... i miss there alot too... time to prepare for next trip :)

Anonymous said...

ur bangkok trip is so full of miaoish..
wat a miaoish trip..cute nya..
and the food, seems so irresistible,
they all look so yummy =P

aileng miao said...

i'v counted u in for the nxt trip, so v can bercute, bernice food together gather~ ^^*

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