Chik Chaks of neko @ nightlife

White miao or black miao, fat miao or skinny miao, good miao or bad miao, even if miao in human form, all miaos are borned to be active at night time...

Active late miao recently so in love with this new spot, Mont Kiara Solaris aka SOHO. There's currently a few entertainment outlets there --- 3Kingdom, Garage, and RAW. everything is like all new there, nicely designed in comtemporary concept, not too pack... And I like chilling out in Garage with the stunning night scene of Genting and KL~ Romantic nya~~~

Jose Cuervo @ Garage (my ex client~ ^^*)

42Below @ Garage. Hmmm... Absolut much nicer :p

Tuborg Tower @ Dynasty of 3Kingdom. I dont really like this place though....


I like Bambo9 TTDI pretty much too. Just that my dearest the other half hardly go club. So what? We can still play ^^*

Tongues out for Bambo9

Bambo9 again~ ** Wantik - miao - Sharon **

Gotcha affair!! *okieokie I was just crapped, they both are crystal clear super ordinary friends*

Drunken miao duo


Mickey Mouses Gathering @ Bakerzin, The Garden. Endless girls' talk day.

*miao *amber *wantik *sindik *wonwon = jimui for life ^^*

Beautiful Lamp @ Bakerzin


Redbox Newway rockx too~ Place where you can sing, can eat, can drink, can game, can have you very own private space~

Im gonna win, Im gonna make you guys drink~

Lose... Must drink... *sob* (check out the evil hand holding the bottle cant wait to pour...)

The record... I have got all four toilet cards with me *hohohoho~*


Sunburst Media Opening @ Ritz Carlton Hotel Grand Ball Room. You know Im really wanted to shoot sooo many things there right..? But you know I just cant do it cuz its soooo paiseh snapping here and there while all the so-called celebrities who I know noone hanging around neh... *sigh* I seriously more interested than food and settings more than them :p

Finally I got to snap~ The beautiful pianist cum vocalist.

Never seen some one with tudung can sing like an angel...


Finally I've got our very very treasure Mickey Mouses group pic on my 24th birthday @ Alexis Great Eastern Mall.

Though we hardly meet. But we are unseperable, till death do us apart :)


Last week's Nokia Siemens Network F1 Party @ Uncle Chilli's PJ Hilton. Thank Eddie for the piczz :)

The buffet

Yummie bites!!

Not so good looking but very tasty local cuisines were served


I've been spending most of my weekends @ Decanter too Hartamas, which I honored it as my second home. Why leh...? Because it's nearby, because its cheap! (rm30 1 jug, buy 5 free 1 wor. Cheap de neh), Because its so secured even we just hangout there two girls, nothing's gonna happen in my second home~

Welfred, my top ranked playing kaki. I love him so muchie ^^*

Gotcha affair II!!


Miao's life aint perfect. Miao working at night too......

Berworking with my evil twinz.

chik-chak all time!!


wantik said...

yoyo..i love this post so muchie..but hor but hor.....u seems left out some important pics at bambo9...our act nerd black specs picz leh ???

aileng miao said...

hahahaa i was keep thinking whthr shud put snot... cuz its just soooo ugly.... okie la, i'll post it laa.. hehe...

wantik said...

hahhaa....to be fair..must post everyone's nerdy photo..not only mine ya...

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