Bum City and Ritz Carlton

Finally~ Tomorrow will be the Fashion Showcase of Bum City @ Genting First World Plaza~ A very very challenging job order for meee.... And finally its gonna over soon~ Im soooo proud that Im such a lil neko who can done all these which beyond my ability~ Cant wait to post picz of my most sayang-ed sons and daughters~~~ But its soo late, and I gotto wake up really earlie tomorrow to settle everything before I drive up to genting.....

Good show for tomorrow...... :)

And yea... Today went Ritz Carlton Hotel for Opening and Media Launch of Sun Burst Live Concert @ Mont Kiara. I witness why Ritz awarded one of the world best hotel ranked 5star diamond grade. Its realli realli soooo the elegant, super nice ball room set up, excellent service, professional staffs, wonderful f&b........ And ofcourse the ultra cutting throat room rate of min RM700++, which is ROOM ONLY, NOT EVEN STUDIO.

I like I like... How wish my wedding can be held there... Thats gonna beeee.... hmmmm wonderful *hehe*

I spotted him among the crowd. When he smiled at me, I was killed.


wantik said...

phew weet :) it sounds like HE brightens up ur day~~ congrats on ur successful showcase at genting~~

aileng miao said...

so was the drinking session last saturday considered as celebration for meee..? o v suppose bercele tis week?

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