Malaysia General Election

Stay peace, and smile to tommorow :)

08.03.2008, Saturday - Malaysia 12th General Election Day.

Alot people talking about rebellion and insurrection might happen if oppositions burn BN's ass after so many years secured themselves with over 50% parliamentary seats. People keep forwarding sms informing which states which areas are confirmed or unofficially revealed that won by which party, who and who, in order to keep me update on HOW DANGEROUS IT IS.

Im still worked, then go and have drinks after work. Thinking that BN will still win in the end, the process is just to threaten them, warning them that "Hey you guys are not safe anymore."

Anyway I just cant imagine how insurrection could happen around me. I know, Im very very low sense of emergency. But I just dont feel that it could happen. No matter how, life stil goes on.

But... I hate election! Because of elecction, our planned party cancelled. Jason said its because Selangor felt on DAP's hand, Chinese are not adviced to go out. Then the whole gang not coming out.

Aikssss... Damn damn damn anti climaxxxxxx~ I was all ready for the party, well prepared to go play, and.... Again I have to say, I HATE ELECTION!

Its okie... I know i shoudnt blame on my friends... So I checked out who's around me who as low sense of emergency as mee...

Sharon, "Aiyo how unstable can it be worrrr......"
Wantik, "As long as the insurrection doesnt harm me, then im okie with everything." (aiseh insurrection not harming then not insurrection la right..?)
WJ, "Im okie la... Sun look after me what..." (太阳照既ma... *swt*)

hmmmm... Im not the only one who not worry at all ya....


wantik said...

yoyo..i m chicken wantik ma..oh la oh la..v berparty again next time.. lailai..MD told me there's a nice place at sunway call REPUBLIC..let's check the place out~~ he said its damn nice wo

aileng miao said...

new name wor.. lailai v go tis wkend~

wantik said...

tis wkend if friday can..if saturday then cannot...or or v go thursday night..together with chyn ?

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