miao in Bangkok Trip - Day 4

4th day of Bangkok Trip, we finally accomplished our mission of being tourists ---> visit to tourist spots!!
The Grand Palace - Where The King Used to Stay

Shorts and sleeveless are prohibited. But they have clothes that we can lend for free. We all look damn cleaners with their clothes.

Buddha Sculpcutures

The Templers

The very very detailed carvings

The very refreshing huawers~

Guards here allowed to smile de neh

Yeah Yeah we are nolonger cleaners~~~ ^^v


Wat Pho - Templer of Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha

Underneath his feet

Bowls. Throw in coins one by one can make your wishes come true :)

There is Reclining Neko there also


The very Thai-ish architecture

After everything. We started do funny things

And act cute!!


Thai Ice Tea during our BRUNCH. Trust me, their ice tea is realli realli diffrent from ours. I like the aroma.

Generous portion of prawns in the prawn cracker

Pork Rice (moo-rice)

Prawn Rice

Their Dim Sums are damn nice. It was so tasty untill we ter-finished it before I manage to take pic. So you know how tasty it is.......

Grilled Jagung

Fish Balls (pla-balls), Chicken Balls (ngau-balls), Pork Balls (moo-balls), etc etc

Ice Cream~ In fact hor, it doesnt taste really nice, my photography skill good only.

Si traw ber rei~

Chinatown is so like KL Ho Ching Yuen to mee.

Then we took bus to the National Stadium BTS Station and went back to our hotel


After a one hour full body Thai massage session, we went to check out their hawker food along Sukhrumvit Street where we stay.

Fish (pla) and Prawns

Prawn 80baht (RM8), Fish 60baht (RM6). Damn cheap aint it????

And we had Thai Dai-Chao too~ Presenting Squid and Omelette.

And also da bao-ed frilled prawn and fish, plus pork and chicken satay.


After dinner and shower, we went to tthe red light distrinct of Bangkok ---> Patpong Street. They have night market there, selling exactly the same things as our Petaling Street, using the same approach too. Ofcourse a must mention point is that they really have whole area of uncountable sex-related commercial here!!!

And ofcourse, its really too dangerous for girls to go there without guys.

Yea you'll be seeing alot alot people on the street holding price lists inviting you go upstair for Thai-Girl Show. Normally the pricing for drinks are around 100-200baht. And you get to watch some not pretty girls half nude with panties or even nude, doing incredible stunts using their p*ssy like blow candle, open beer bottle etc etc. Seriously, not nice at all, disguisting only.

Then after a few performance, there will be some giant size women come with a throat cutting bill. On top of the drinks charges, there is another 700baht of "Performance Charges" which they never mention earlier!!!

And if you felt cheated and refuse to pay, they will tend to threatened you, talking loud this and that. Very the gangster-like. So if you wanna see pwetty chicks, better to stay with those downstairs' pubs. They do really have pretty chicks with sexy outfits. Upstairs are all conning biz. Unless you realli like to see not-so-goodlooking chicks doing stunts with their p*ssy and u think its worth for almost RM100 :)

Yeah we've got conned too but luckily manage to escape. So... No Thai Girl Show.

Mc Dong Dong is the most reliable brand of the world still~

Bangkok's McCafe. Nice right?


wantik said...

bring me back to bangkok~~ i miss mcdonalds....pork samurai burger

aileng miao said...

yeah lets go back to bangkok and dress like cleaners, eat like piggies, shop like tai-tai~

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