Annual Dinner @ Avanti Sunway Hotel

I have had my last final Job Hunt Annual Dinner at Avanti Sunway Hotel & Resort. It is an Italitian restaurant which me and wantik did sooo much research and the result was only---- expensive. We were so wondering, other than expensive, anything else about it?

So we went for it to findout. Anyway Mickey paying the bill. We ordered 5 course meal each ::hehe::
They covered the table with paper and prepared crayons on each table, means we must do something with it? Okie so I wrote my name, and we played tic tac toe. Hey people, do you aware that, my name is aileng, not ai ling, neither Ai Leng. I am very particular with this, my aileng is non-seperable, and its all in small letter.

Mickey is around, ofcuz I dare not keep taking picz. So there is not much picz of food to blog about. But but but, Avanti's food aint photogenic... Let me show you some of them, then you'll know.

aileng's Brownie served with ice cream. The ice cream is good but the Brownie is.... erm... chocolatety stone-like dried cake. Can you imagine it?

Wantik's dessert, it has an unrecognized very Italian name which I cant recall. But it is the nicest dessert of all. Its a choc cake rolled ice ream served with berries and peach. I think Avanti's nicest dessert would be their ice cream, the more ice cream the better it is.

Christine's Mangor Tiramisu. It is much more like a tiramisu, doesnt much taste the mango. It tastes so-so, but the texture is good. Again it tastes alot alot of rum, which I dont like.

Over all, Avanti has nothing much impressive in terms of food, ambience is average average, pretty homely but looks abiit old after so many years. For eight of us we have a bill of about RM9xx, I think with this price we deserved better food :p But...... their complimentary home made bread is very very nice especialy to go with vinegar and olive oil. Oh yea, their complimentary seafood dip is also a must try item :)

Avanti's starter and bread are better than any of their food :p

Avanti singing chef is quite impressive. They dressed up as chef and waitress and singing with cooking utensils from table to table. Looking at them I was thinking that one day I wanna bring mummy to this place, Im sure she will like it very very much. The lead singer sang like Elwis Presley le, and his voice when singing "Wonderful World" is soooo sexy~

Afterall, Avanti is not a good place to dine for good food, but a nice place to have some very personal entertainment :)

Job Hunt Chinese ladies gang ^^*

Toilet @ Sunway Hotel & Resorts =)

And I found an interesting stone, looks so much like a stalactite stones in caves.

After dinner, I was super bored. Nobody wants to pui me and Im so lazie to go out also. Then I tried my newly bought Babyliss hair curling iron recommended by Agatha. Its really not easie to use neh... And also very very time consuming. Need more training to master the technique. But Babyliss is really good compared the other brand (I used to buy Phillips or Panasonic, which I also forgotten what brand was that). My hair doesnt looks so dry and messy after the curl. Recommended!




Xmas is over...

Xmas is over. I didnt manage to snap picz of every shopping centers. These are the only I can get...

Sg. Wang. The stage itself is nice, but the entire shopping center doesnt looks nice...

1U, my second favourite. So cute. The soldier's head can move somemore ^^*

The Curve, after all shops closed.

Favourite xmas deco of the year, Pavillion.

Xmas tree in Barouque, a small lil pub opposite to Maison.

Mickey Mouses gang left only 3 members this year. But we still exchanging presents. I have got wonwon's body shop shower set, wantik got my eye shadow pallete, and wonwon got wantik's cutie lil nihon-like accesories box. And we had our advanced cmas buffet brunch at Rakuzen. Sooo worth for the price and satisfying :)

I love food and I cant stop gaining weight......

I cant stop shopping and I even spotted this shop in Queen's Park and feelike buying the whole shop... Check out the teddy on chair, so cute....

The story ends. He left me a "love bruise" and I left him a "love bite" on each others' arms.



Its weekend, so I came back to my dear kampung. I pui-ed mummy to drink till late late, since its weekend, since no kaki for me...

I have a new maid to my house, while Im having an existing maid. Such a small little family but having two maids, funnie...

My daddy is the world best daddy. My current maid spoilt by my family, she is nolonger seriously working, she is been doing all housework in simply simply way, therefore my house getting more and more messy. She can even fall in love with one of the Mynmar worker in daddy's shop and cant concentrate to work most of the time. (no doubt the Mynmar guy is quite good looking la ::bleh::)

As solution, daddy hired another maid, instead of halau her back to kampung. Thats why I said my daddy is the world best daddy. Luckily her contract ending soon at the coming March...

I experienced how terrible is her work recently. I have been telling her that, bras must be not be machine washed!!! But I dono what happened that she is nolonger follow this instruction, even though I have only one request to her. She spoilt all my bras. I just saw all my newly brought bras distorted in shape, and my heart is sooooooooooo painful till I am totally speechless... 2 xixili cost more than RM150, 1 Triumph dangerous curve costs RM129, 2 Audrey tShirt bras RM80-100, my dear brand new punky tshirt RM90, Miss selfridge RM70-90, not to mentioned Topshop she killed last week RM70-90, Wearhouse RM120...

Mummy said I can make my own decision whether to cut her salary. How many months of her salary can be cut to compensate my loss?

It is truly upsetting... Im already so broke, still need to go for lingerie shopping.... ::sobsob:: Cannot be not wearing a bra right...? Haiz... Can anyone pay for me...?


I changed my bedsheet to a very childish pinky rabbit prints.

Hoping that it could bring me sweetest dreams ever.
Hoping that it could take away all my nightmares.
Hoping that my soul can heal in dreams as like im a child who never get hurts.



Somebody please help meee... Im having insomia.

Rolling on bed since hours ago and its been so close to the time which Im suppose to wakeup. I dont think I'll be able to sleep to9...

I cant sleep and I cant stop thinking of you. I have been not talking much thruout the whole Sunday, also never step out from the door whole day. I rejected Hailey's job offer, I didnt follow my plan to go back to office nor Subang in order to clean up my room. Im not in mood in everything and I cant stop myself looking forward you.

My phone rang whole day but I don really feellike picking them up.

Another restless day coming. Who's gonna help me...? I hope my resignation can be approved asap. So I can release from there to open a new page of my life....

Now, Im planning about breakfast.
Im looking forward shopping.
Im thinking about xmas.
Im refreshing memories.
Im taking you outa my mind.

Yu Dao

Was floating on friendster when Im not in mood for everything and found this song in Evonne's Fan page. I have no idea who's the artist of this song, it is "Yu Dao"-the meeting.

"Its the strange unique smell on you that allows me to verify you existance. Without looking back and forth, I noticed that we are just seperated by a corner."

"Its been such long, but I can still observe your importance to me. It doesnt matter dawn or darkness, You each gentle made me so wanted to show off."

"We have been circling before we manage to meet. Therefore I understand your importance more anybody else' do. I'd promise myself that Im gonna grasp your hand and will never let go."

"We have been rounding before we manage to meet. I promised myself not to consider too much. Only myself known that, only your shoulder which I may lean on it forever."

Im puzzling by someone's stupidity...

Grey Sunday

Have been sheltered in negative emotions whole day. Tried to upload my first Xmas present of this year, but blogspot been having problems uploading it... Or it suppose the network problem? I dono. Frust....

Friday I have received a parcel all the way ordered from US, Rocky Gulch Road, Steuben ME (where's this?). It is toki doki Moofia family as well as Adios and CiaoCiao which I died for. Sender is someone who went missing in my life recently. If you are still reading my blog. Thnks, I like it sooo much :) And I have considered it as my first xmas present of year 2007.

A Parcel from US, suspected as terrorist act by Vern and Wantik =.=

The first layer of the parcel. It consist the entire Moofia Milk family, Carina and Brutino.

The 2nd layer of the parcel, consists Adios and Ciao Ciao (The Halloween edition~), and a journal of toki doki~

Last but not least, the leader of Moofia-Moozarella. Milk is power, Milk is protection :p

I cant stop shouting when opening the parcel. Can imgine how high was I?


Saturday Ivan brought me to The Curve. He said Curve xmas deco will be the best among all. Yes its so nice with the warm warm cottage theme, A sweet little cottage with snowman and raindeers (Sadly they didnt put Rudorf) Im still prefer Pavillion after all. Im alwys having enchated princess dreams in my mind.

The Christmas cottage of The Curve.

An upcoming shop in Curve, selling cupcake. Cupcake is in the trend yea...

Finally I bought Big Apple Donuts!!! Ivan and I qeued about 20mins, I decided to buy alot alot so my precious efforts wont paid off. Therefore we bought 24 of it. Thanks Ivan ^^*

Ivan's choices.

My choices. Cheese and Choc always in the top list~~~ Not to forget about my dear creamy creamy~

We had a final farewell for Amber in Scarlet Saturday, though we have been farewell-ing her since a mnth ago. Congrat to her of having a brand new page of her life soon. May God bless her of getting all the best things in her life.

Ivan gave me a surprise appearance in Scarlet. Sadly it wasnt a good ending. And probably the ending has made my Sunday such a grey Sunday.


The much misses hug.

Im missing it.

The sweetness will not come back anymore.........


My dear wantik is on MC today and Vern is sick. Office sooo damn quiet...

My new colleague speaks Hindi.
My boss went oversea.
My office is quiet.
My clients are chasing me for candidates.
My heart is away.
My laptop is close to useless.
My mind is empty.

I've been surfing motiveless and found some interesting paintings by this guy, Luke Chueh (who's he?)

Im suppose to work out the invoice for JD but I left the whole stack of forms and receipts at home. So sorry to dear girls that have to delay the payment again. Sigh.

Im looking forward my break. Im feeling to talk now, but apparently Im not talking to anybody, only a few particular appointed personnel.

Recently I noticed that in fact Im not good in expressing myself to most people especially those who I think not close to me. I crap alot, but I forgotten how to talk with my heart. I didnt know this untill I met him.

No pics on blog recently, my Photoshop died and no pirated software selling in shops now. My blog looks so dull...

Didnt sleep well these few days. Been having some bad dreams. I hope my break can come sooner, as I have so much things to clear: my room, my car, my mind and your existance.


Hear Me Cry

by Cagnet

You couldn't say
needed someone new
You actually thought
deep inside I knew
"You gave me pieces of my soul, and you took it back. Therefore Im shattered and couldnt put back anymore"

Can you tell me
How can you say
Why this should suffice
You passed me by
and your heart as cold as ice (You passed me by)
"You are a just passerby who used to wrapped my heart like a blanket with your loves"

Did you see me cry (Did you ask yourself why)
Did you see me cry (Did you ask yourself how)
Can you hear me cry (Did you ask yourself)
Will we ever grow apart
"I thought I'll be the one who refuse but it was surprised that you are the one"

You, you couldn't say
needed someone new
You actually thought
deep inside I knew
"You actually never know how and what deep inside me"

I wonder where we will go
Will we be the same (You passed me by)
I laugh inside I think of you
and the love we made (You passed me by)
"You smiled, so I thought you know"

Tell me why this should suffice
I hold you through the night
Now will I let it go
Soon I'll let it go
"Dont ever hold my hand if you are going to let it go. Dont ever mention love if you are going to leave me alone."

Can you hear me cry (Will you ask yourself why)
Can you hear me cry (Will you ask yourself how)
Can you hear me cry (Will you ask yourself)
Will we ever grow apart
"Cried becuase that's all we are. And I aint suffice with this"

You, I'll stand by your side
I'll be there for you (You passed me by)
You, I'll stand by your side
Please just do it right (You passed me by)
"You are far too stupid to dig out the ME within. Im angry of you being so shallow but I hated myself more of being into such a stupid shallow you"

You, I'll stand by your side
I'll be there for you
"I'll be there for you, but you are nolonger needing me"


It takes only few steps from being a princess to a loser.

You draw me a picture of what happiness about and you withdrawn yourself. You made me looking forward and you stopped me from hoping. You told me you cared and you left me alone when Im in need.

You have succesfully pulled down my pride. Congrat to you of making me a loser who has nothing to lose. Please dont come and mess up my mind anymore... Im so scared of being a loser.

Leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone....

Too much things to share in order to be transparent, yet Im too stupid to share. I need people who can read thru me to be in love with...

In the end of the story, my life has back into grey scale again....


When you gave up, I finally know the feelings of my heart shattered... I didnt know that I cared that much...

There are lotsa considerations and there are lotsa doubts that hesitated me. If im really as how you had said, then why shall I be the one? I need reasons to support my decisions.

I thought Im tough, I tought Im alwys rational, and sometimes Im even arrogantly think that Im smarter than others. But finally I know Im not, but just another innocent girl. Yes you did agree that Im innoncent. Innocent or stupid or damn smart, I dont care, I can give up so much beyond your expectations if you are the one.

Dont let your love ones to worry about you. I cant. I hope you can worry about me more than I worry about myself. I can never learn to tcare myself. Even I can, I wish you can tcare of me more than myself do. I know Im fussy, but I wish.

I want myself to be more than just a patient. I looked fake just because Im too honest. I didnt answer because I didnt know the answers which I need. Im in the other world therefore Im worrying if you are not from the same world I am from.

I love your dreams. So what do you love about me?


Im still thinking... that whether Im into it...

Im making up my mind for diffrent things. Im forseeing some changes in my life. Im started being grey...

Nothing to worry about. I just cant makeup my mind...

Bare vs Makeover

He requested me to go out in bareface with him and I did that. Not too difficult what, I dont normally makeup when I am not working ^^ But he was further requested me to take pic with this blurry face =.=

So he said I dont look much different. Surprised. I think infact soooo much different the make over and bare face me. Anyway thanks for comforting me =)

Bare face, absolutely blurry look.

Make over for Dewars Academy Launch, its been quite sometime I didnt put on such heavy makeup ever since Im a full fledge OL. It was all for Jcey...


Christmas, the season of love

My world is grey and it left only the color of love.

Christmas dont come, so it will never pass.


Love . Sweet Love

Life needs a bit of sweetener.

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

If there is no such thing as perfect love, then what m I been seeking so far....?

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