Annual Dinner @ Avanti Sunway Hotel

I have had my last final Job Hunt Annual Dinner at Avanti Sunway Hotel & Resort. It is an Italitian restaurant which me and wantik did sooo much research and the result was only---- expensive. We were so wondering, other than expensive, anything else about it?

So we went for it to findout. Anyway Mickey paying the bill. We ordered 5 course meal each ::hehe::
They covered the table with paper and prepared crayons on each table, means we must do something with it? Okie so I wrote my name, and we played tic tac toe. Hey people, do you aware that, my name is aileng, not ai ling, neither Ai Leng. I am very particular with this, my aileng is non-seperable, and its all in small letter.

Mickey is around, ofcuz I dare not keep taking picz. So there is not much picz of food to blog about. But but but, Avanti's food aint photogenic... Let me show you some of them, then you'll know.

aileng's Brownie served with ice cream. The ice cream is good but the Brownie is.... erm... chocolatety stone-like dried cake. Can you imagine it?

Wantik's dessert, it has an unrecognized very Italian name which I cant recall. But it is the nicest dessert of all. Its a choc cake rolled ice ream served with berries and peach. I think Avanti's nicest dessert would be their ice cream, the more ice cream the better it is.

Christine's Mangor Tiramisu. It is much more like a tiramisu, doesnt much taste the mango. It tastes so-so, but the texture is good. Again it tastes alot alot of rum, which I dont like.

Over all, Avanti has nothing much impressive in terms of food, ambience is average average, pretty homely but looks abiit old after so many years. For eight of us we have a bill of about RM9xx, I think with this price we deserved better food :p But...... their complimentary home made bread is very very nice especialy to go with vinegar and olive oil. Oh yea, their complimentary seafood dip is also a must try item :)

Avanti's starter and bread are better than any of their food :p

Avanti singing chef is quite impressive. They dressed up as chef and waitress and singing with cooking utensils from table to table. Looking at them I was thinking that one day I wanna bring mummy to this place, Im sure she will like it very very much. The lead singer sang like Elwis Presley le, and his voice when singing "Wonderful World" is soooo sexy~

Afterall, Avanti is not a good place to dine for good food, but a nice place to have some very personal entertainment :)

Job Hunt Chinese ladies gang ^^*

Toilet @ Sunway Hotel & Resorts =)

And I found an interesting stone, looks so much like a stalactite stones in caves.

After dinner, I was super bored. Nobody wants to pui me and Im so lazie to go out also. Then I tried my newly bought Babyliss hair curling iron recommended by Agatha. Its really not easie to use neh... And also very very time consuming. Need more training to master the technique. But Babyliss is really good compared the other brand (I used to buy Phillips or Panasonic, which I also forgotten what brand was that). My hair doesnt looks so dry and messy after the curl. Recommended!




Anonymous said...

aileng, you shud have choosen those mini restaurants in bangsar. their cooking are way much more better and not too mention much more lower price. i couldnt remember the name of the italiani restaurant i went, but den i remember the place is in telawi 2. they have de best steaks, soup and dessert.

aileng miao said...

i think with this price, can simply get any italian food which much much better lor. correct? But u noe la, ur mickey loves discounts, and he has a membership there. thats y... ><

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