I changed my bedsheet to a very childish pinky rabbit prints.

Hoping that it could bring me sweetest dreams ever.
Hoping that it could take away all my nightmares.
Hoping that my soul can heal in dreams as like im a child who never get hurts.


Anonymous said...

-.-'' boss boss .. dun worry , there's so many guys out there .

chinese ppl like to quote , old 1 never go , how can the new 1 come ..

sorry , loosely translated ... hehe .

Anonymous said...

my seoul need to be healed also..
what should i do? or rather what can i do?
will i be seeing u all in 1 week time???
i'm lost..i'm lost...
who can bring me the way back home?

aileng miao said...

amber:: your soul? noneed la... u were the one carried knife and cut on others neh... hehehehehe...

anonymous:: yoyo don call me boss!!! sound old!!

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