When you gave up, I finally know the feelings of my heart shattered... I didnt know that I cared that much...

There are lotsa considerations and there are lotsa doubts that hesitated me. If im really as how you had said, then why shall I be the one? I need reasons to support my decisions.

I thought Im tough, I tought Im alwys rational, and sometimes Im even arrogantly think that Im smarter than others. But finally I know Im not, but just another innocent girl. Yes you did agree that Im innoncent. Innocent or stupid or damn smart, I dont care, I can give up so much beyond your expectations if you are the one.

Dont let your love ones to worry about you. I cant. I hope you can worry about me more than I worry about myself. I can never learn to tcare myself. Even I can, I wish you can tcare of me more than myself do. I know Im fussy, but I wish.

I want myself to be more than just a patient. I looked fake just because Im too honest. I didnt answer because I didnt know the answers which I need. Im in the other world therefore Im worrying if you are not from the same world I am from.

I love your dreams. So what do you love about me?


wantik said...

princess shattered....cant help much to put it back..takziah princess..

aileng miao said...

anoooo.... when i can get recover from this...?

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