27th April II

As mentioned, this is the Story of 27th April, Part II.

Except being the celebratable day of Mr. Morse has been delivered to the earth, on this date, there’s something else that we NEED to appreciate on 24th April.

Guess who?

Guess what?





It’s International Donuts Appreciation Day!!

Did you see halo of the Donut?


It’s a fantastic day for Donuts Lovers to enjoy donuts guilt-free.


Bad day for boyfriends who hates donuts saying it’s too sweet but the girlfriend loves donuts as much as she loves her shoes.


I know Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary Week this and that bla bla bla, but have never really expect that mummum food has it’s appreciation day too wtf. Therefore I decided to try Google and see what’s this Donuts Day about and I found this page – The Bizarre Food Holiday which self declared useless stuff contented.

But I actually enjoy browsing thru it. OMG.

And I found out that May is the International Egg Month, so please take eggs everyday – scrambled egg omelette fried egg half boiled egg egg yolk egg white everything about egg~ As well May is the National Barbeque month, does it mean I have to start planning for Barbeque…?

Muahaha this page is so cute anyway. Check it out and have a laugh on all the non sense celebrations.


*Special credit to Evo Space for the Donuts pictures :)


*** *** ***


Time for the random picked picz of the week.



Found this BEEPING UFO in Snowflakes Subang Section 15. It beeps and vibrates when the orders are ready for collection.



The Beeping UFO isn’t threatening at all, it’s totally human-friendly.



That’s the way it beeps, and there’s lights too!



I was blur maximus to the extent that to whack my own face with my wardrobe door and got my face scratched deep deep… Pain… And ugly… T______T



Our newly discovered Churros, the typical breakfast bite of Spanish. Sweet and crunchy goes super well with the very rich hot chocolate dip. Found it at the small little kiosk Molten Lava @ One Utama New Wing, near Cold Storage.

*Pictures taken by my LG Ice Cream. ps. I want a camera~~


27th April I

This is a story about Monday . 27th April .

I was looking at Google Home Page and puzzled with the dotty Google logo. Of course I did rubbed my eyes and refreshed the page and it’d remained the same lor. What’s wrong or did I miss out something?

As genius as I am, I pointed my mouse to Google logo (I don’t know how many years ago you guys already found out about this, but for me I noticed this feature since last year). And I found out it’s Samuel Morse birthday!

Therefore G-O-O-G-L-E appeared as Morse codes!

--.  ---  ---  --.  .-..  .

G   O   O   G    L   E

I don’t exactly know why Samuel invented Morse code except for the telegraph in the earlier days. It’s terrifying. Because I’m gonna tell you that I learnt Morse code and excel it during my high school time.

Back then I can communicate in Morse code, don’t play play.



…  ---  …

S    O   S

(Would people come and save me if I were to call for rescue this way?)


Or probably to call out my name lah,

--  ..  .-  ---

m  i   a   o


Maybe to confess?

..    .-..   ---   …-   .    ..-

I      L   O      V     E    U

(woot woot the non-interpretable romance)


I really can use Morse code want. Don’t mess.


By the way, it’s Samuel Morse birthday even he has already rest in peace more than a century ago. But it’s still a big Big BIG day of appreciation for mee. *pay respect to Mr. Morse*


He invented a set of codes that won me an award in my high school time. Believe it or not? Back then I participated in this weirdest ever competition – The Morse Code Competition wtf.

In fact this is quite cool. Three participant a team, three stations (each min A Kilometre distanced, the furthest want you can’t even see your teammate). We were given a set of message and communicate in Morse code with Torch Lights and Whistle, then finally sign language (Again I can read sign language in Alphabet, don’t mess).

And trust me it’s damn cool and damn difficult receiving message due to all the outside distractions and to pass over the message to the next receiver accurately. Challenging man……


So, back to the topic. I must send thousands and millions thanks to Mr. Morse. Thanks for indirectly given me an award and added a bit of glory in my gloomy rebellious high school period. Thankssss…


Next up, the story of 27th April Episode II. Stay tune :)


He’s Just Not That Into You

Saturday the hang-out-day.

I went for the movie He’s Just Not That Into You in first hand, at the first weekend it’s shown.



As bimbo as I am, I do always love chick flicks. I read mostly chick’s novels (and I’m really into it) and a little bit of inspirational quotes books, a little self-help to get rid of the human nature of magnifying problems of life.

But I’ve never bought this book. But yes I read a bit of it, in a very kia-su kiam-siap way you know how?

When I have a lot of spare time in book store, I just flip thru this book and have a giggle or a laugh of it, then place it back, grab another chick novel and chaoz. Still, this is a good book, a good piece of junk like chocolates or Lay’s or cheesecakes you get what I mean?


And yes I love this movie else I wouldn’t be spending time writing about it. Why?

1. What else? It’s a sweet confection of romance and it swirls emotions of most girls I’m sure.

2. Credits to the pleasant casts.

I probably have the weirdest taste not to like Ben Affleck. I found Justin Long as Alex in the movie is quite the charming. One for him having a slight look of Asian (I don’t understand, Wikipedia says he’s an American). Secondly his tone and voice and the American accent. That type of voice if he tells you to jump off the cliff you’ll get millions as reward and you’ll just jump with no doubt.


*** *** ***

Sunday the roll-bed-day

tarepanda Pictures, Images and Photostarepanda Pictures, Images and Photostarepanda Pictures, Images and Photos

I watched the full series of Get A Mac Campaign Advertisements and I love it. Fyi I studied Advertising & Communication, I don’t watch commercials only when I wanted to buy something.

It consists 49 commercials in total if I’m not mistaken. Here’s a few personal favourites.

And a lot more…

Official Get A Mac Advertisement site HERE.

Get A Mac Ads @ youtube HERE.


*** *** ***

The song that can’t stop playing in my mind today.

Endless Story

by Yuna Ito


Happy Birthday from A Distance

24.04.09. It’s your Birthday and it’s 5th month, 19th day.


6 months and 7days ago, we were best friend.


IMG_0445 Melaka Cran

You were my mummum kaki of breakfast (I know it’s hard, but we made it few times though), lunch, and dinner. And yes supper all the way and watched the sun raised.



My drinking cum hangout kaki.


Partner of Crime - Copy

My partner in crime.



My Yakuza body guard at all times.



The best babysitter. For all the caretaking, and the toughest part of layan-ing my wuliao-ness.


Nuddy - Copy

At the same time, being a buddy of the guys.


n601256259_1611889_1215 - Copy

Sometimes we fight.



But it’s always a no big harm. Anger doesn’t stay over night in our head. Most of the time.


Friendship, this is not where the story ends.



When the chemistry reacts. When the miracle happens. That’s when you came along and showed me happiness.

I’m glad that you’ve joined my journey, and invited me to join yours. Now, you’re more than a boyfriend :)


It’s your first birthday ever since we attached but we couldn’t make it together and I didn’t even able to pop up a surprise for you.



I know I know you wanna come home.

Home is awaiting for your return, too.


Happie Birthday to you. *Draw a big big smiley face in your mind*


p.s. I Love you ♥



"Kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly."  -xoxo-


Bed of Roses


If I’m a butterfly, I’d want to lay on a bed of roses, and show the wind how to fly. I’d want to live my life.

But life just ain’t a bed of roses. Tried to look around, nothing’s what it seems.



But life just ain’t a bed of roses, and I’d never been a butterfly.


By the way…

Happy Earth Day.

Samui Beach

Express your love to our mother nature. Don’t take her for granted, because we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children :)


Dilemma of Life


Let’s welcome the newbie of my wardrobe:)

A butterfly sleeved chiffon top from the CHOICE, Bangsa Telawi 3. RM104 and received a membership card which entitled for 10% discount.

♥ It has made my day.

*** *** ***

Yet life isn’t perfect after all.

I . Hate . Back . In . Real . Life .


When confidence is shaken, when direction is unclear, when communication break down, when the bright hopes seem dimmed, when the doors are closing.

When the yell has returned as an echo.

Then people began to be afraid of every sun rise.


It’s not easy to piss me off, HE made it, congratulations.


ps: HE is not refer to my bf yea.


And then I better stop this before I annoy anyone who’s reading here with my nonsenses. Let’s move on yea.


My dilemma of life ----->



A compact Panasonic LUMIX for easy everyday usage?



One of the world smallest DSLR, Olympus E420 that is really poisonous to me?


Kent Invented Event @ Westin Hotel, KL

What happened on last Saturday…

I spent half a day working as a slave at Solaris. Freaking kesian lor weekend also have to work, some more the weather was crazy, I felt like on a electrical BBQ Grill Board, it cooks me to medium rare.


Therefore I kao-kaoly rewarded myself with half-day-full of funs.



We heart BAT ♥



Check this out. I bought huawer… … … … On behalf of Perry to present to his Franchesca.



Pool Side @ Westin Hotel KL. The hearty organizer got all the floats and beach balls and water gun ready  before the party started.


♥ Splashed People ♥

P4182325 P4182326 P4182327 2783_73131868121_546423121_1688838_7171728_nP4182341


I can’t deny, it was an absolutely poisonous event. Free flow beer and whisky + pool side BBQ + groovy DJ in the house + fantastic pool view, what’s more?

Now check out the food they served.



These are Marshmallow, really. We grilled it with the bread toaster next to it.



Lovey Cotton Candy colorized by the very futuristic Kent Light Box.



Strawberry Pie – mouth watering ain’t it?



Some Watermelon Juice mocktail thingy. Not much of my liking >.<



BBQ squid and chicken and fish and lamb etc etc etc.


P4182345  P4182343

When the night falls…


Awww I’m sure I’m gonna miss my weekend so much so much so much…..


Weekend Bazaar @ SohoKL

18.04.09. My very very first experience setting up a booth in bazaar, contributed to Rockin' For the Environment weekend bazaar @ SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara. An awareness campaign for the conservation of the environment.

Another lazy-to-write post, enjoy the pictures, Special credit to sister’s Olympus E420.


Handmade rattan-craft. Love the vibrant colours.


P4182270 P4182271

They sell fruits too!



Cutie fruit-seller.



The Let’s Go Green Message Tree, where you can hang a love your mother earth message in it.




A cute performer rocked the day.



miaoz for adoption.



Those miaos.



My favourite, it’s name Colour



Reason why was I there.



My Our girls – Olivia and Felicia.



Felicia for the next-to-stage booth.



Thanks Schokolart for the coordination thru the event :)


My BRUNCH @ Biz Cafe, Solaris, after a starving hardworking morning.



Part of the cafe interior that I likey.



Fridge-full of lovely mouthwatering cakes. According to the cafe-owner, “there’s no need to choose the flavour, just choose the shape that you like.”



Jay’s lunch special Fried Rice. Ordinary maximus.



miao’s Spicy Seafood Spaghetti. Wasn’t too sure if it really tastes so the heavenly nice or I was too hungry :p



I spent 15minutes time stood in front of the fridge and finally chosen this……. Super fine and smooth texture with heavenly rich chocolate…….. ♥

PS : RM20 Free Gift Voucher of BIZ Cafe up for grab now ----- click HERE.


Next up – BAT private pool party @ Westin Hotel. Stay tune :)

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