Oceans in between


That girl, she said it’s gonna be alright. And then she smiled at me half-confidently.

That girl, she broke into tears she said she can’t believe it. That it’s so fragile, once broken cannot be sealed.


That boy, he said every argument has to be imprinted. And then the same mistake wouldn’t happen again.

That boy, he lived thru a sleepless night he can’t understand. Why she’ll never grow?


That girl, still holding the plans she’d clearly drew. And then she still smiling, half-confidently. She said no wound that can never heal. It’s all by the weak or strong will. He will, he will

And then she still smiling, half-confidently.


So I asked about the boy. Where’s his mind wandering to?

Finally, she lost her ability of tracking his thoughts as usual. She told me.


*** *** ***


Samui Street Cocktail

Winnie said eventually I’ll get used to it… But it doesn’t seem to work on me.


Love a Lot said...

Hold on tight... It takes time to get over the hard time...

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

I'm sure he will be by your side before you realized it... Now, stay tight... We will support you no matter what darling... Be with us...

amber said...

hurh?? wat's wrong? who bully u? tell me!!!

*anything tat's big is bothering u?

kevinpnp said...

We all have to go through this at some point. It's wether you're ready for it or not.

alvin24 said...

wah... emoooeeeenyaaaaaaaa! =p

amber: Who what where?? Where's the bully? Who's the bully? I oso wanna knoeee!
Wahseh... who dare bully my fiance!

aileng miao said...

dont worrie buddy. it's just a storie :p

Lwin Lee! who else u can think of?!

amber said...

Lwin: oh O.. u'r in trouble~
ngahaha.. =p

alvin24 said...

harrrrrrrrr... err... blame my boss lor for putting me here so long !!

Blame my clients lor, for being so niaseng-ably-'yim chim' (fussy)!

Den ah... errr... summore who else can i think of leh?

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