Bed of Roses


If I’m a butterfly, I’d want to lay on a bed of roses, and show the wind how to fly. I’d want to live my life.

But life just ain’t a bed of roses. Tried to look around, nothing’s what it seems.



But life just ain’t a bed of roses, and I’d never been a butterfly.


By the way…

Happy Earth Day.

Samui Beach

Express your love to our mother nature. Don’t take her for granted, because we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children :)


amber said...

why moody ohh? wat hav made our lil kitty gone mad? ona ona, dun be down or upset ya..

Lvin, ur baby darling is moody neh, faster sayang her la..

yeeWen said...

y this photo for earth day ar?

alvin24 said...

sayang kaukau adi laaaaa...

aileng miao said...

anoano faster cum bek and sayang!!

wonwon:: cuz tis pic very the earth-y ma. no mea???

yeeWen said...

nge nge match..

aileng miao said...

lalala nge nge match better than those blog which never update~

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